Sunday, 13 January 2013

Vicky 21

Happy 21st Birthday to m'lady Fahima Femm Victoria Rosli.
I wish Cork is ten minutes away. Sobs.

Unlike last year, today I remember your birthday. Teehee.

Go on, Victoria. Keep being that one awesome friend, daughter, sister, muslimah, doctor wannabe, directioner (lol) that we all know.

You know I love you. *hugs*

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Hi everyone! Assalamualaikum. I am mobile-blogging right now which means this entry was posted via my tablet. Wahhhhh cool kan? Baru tahu boleh mobile-blogging. Noob nya saya. Haha. T.T

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Thanks me later. ;)

Thursday, 10 January 2013


huiyooo meremang bulu tengkuk
lagu-lagu Emak Ayah ni

AG Coco pun dah sama hebat dengan otai-otai ni
tabik spring

Monday, 7 January 2013

Told Ya

2 reasons why winter sucks.

"2 reasons why winter sucks" -source

See? Exactly what I have said. =P

1.2/2013; New Year, New Semester

Assalamualaikum all. :) Ya Allah. It has been FOREVER since I last posted here. For those who have been wondering (ehhh ada kah?) where on earth was HahaTomatoBlast for these past six-seven months, well right on this very second I am typing this post on my desk in my room in Dunaras Village, my hostel in Galway, Ireland. Yes, Ireland. Alhamdulillah, finally. :')  Allah made my dream comes true. :)

In fact, I have been studying here for almost four months now and today I start my second semester of the year. :) Okay truthfully, I do feel quite guilty for not updating, abandoning my blog and forgetting the little world I built here. I know I should keep on writing no matter what happened so that I can restore these memories and read it when I got older. Sounds corny, eh? ;)

So I made up my mind; I should write here, a few times in a month (at least) regardless the fact that not everybody is reading blogs anymore nowadays. I should tell my self that I write not for them to be pleased but for ME myself. :)
Mushy. Haha.

Oh yes, I did mentioned that today is my first day in 1MB7 1.2 right? Hahaha whuuuuttttisthattt 1MB7 1.2..!? In Layman's term (ecewahh) it is simply described as "First Year Medical Student, Second Semester". First day of the year masuk sekolah. Ha.Ha.Ha. After three weeks of winter break, yes only three weeks but STILL, cuti, means no class no textbook no whatnot, i think you got the feeling aite? *cough*

The day started as early as it can possibly be, Medical Professionalism (macam belajar sivik) lecture at 8am. Tell you what, naik bas pagi-pagi feels like nak naik bas balik raya kat kampung tengah malam buta. LOL Subuh starts at 6.41am and ends at 8.49am, so you got the idea on how gelap the world outside kan? Haha.

I need to stay at the uni until 5pm (mind you, Maghrib starts at 4.37pm which means I walked out of the house masa gelap and got back home bila dah gelap. Huhuu, this is winter eberybadehhh) okay sambung balik; I need to stay at the uni until 5pm as I need to attend my first SSM meeting. SSM stands for Special Study Modules in which the student got the opportunity to learn in depth on whatever medical field that he might be interested in. In my case, my SSM is Cardiovascular Medical Device. I am practically so excited, people who know me must be aware how much I love cardiology, heheee. And for start, we need to make a presentation about pacemaker this Thursday, and then we'll be going on with meeting patients. YES, real patient. OMG cuaknya cuaknyaaaa. On the very first day of school pun dah cuak habis dah ni, takde masa nak warm up warm up dah. =.=''

I think this should be enough, for now. Panjang pulak mak nenek ni membebel. See you in the next post. Till then, jangan nakal-nakal, assalamualaikum. :)

lenguh ni angkat upper limb tinggi-tinggi, hipster betul =..=

Aim for next post(s)
- winter break tour; Galway-Edinburgh-London
- what I love about Galway
- anything I feel like pointing out?
Niat dah ada, kena cuba laksanakan. :)