Monday, 21 October 2013

I'm A Woman And I'm Being One


People say women are complicated. It is true, I must say. I can't even understand myself, sometimes (referring to previous posts LOL). Haha. I just got back from Castlebar, stay rumah final meds for two nights. Godek-godek book shelf Kak Amal (she has A LOT of books yayy. Haha.) and I stumbled upon this book; "Why Men Marry Bitches". Hmmm interesting! I've heard about it before so it must be quite popular hehe. 

Read a few pages and then I said to myself "Must find this book someday kat mana-mana charity shop". Oh sekarang suka beli buku kat charity shop sebab
1) Obviously murah sangat. I can get any book I want (if I am lucky enough) from as low as 1 Euro (equals to MYR 4.33, yes I googled it)
2) Although the books are not new, sometimes I love an old version of a book, maybe a 1950 copy. It smells so good and nostalgic. :)
3) I believe that every books has their own 'story'. Not the story it tells but the story it holds. Once I bought a book that was read by a lady who has been bedridden for months due to an illness, so she spent all her time in hospital reading that book. It is interesting, don't you think? :)

Okay okay back to the picture. So I've been wanting to read this book. But it does not necessarily means that I'm being one, right? You know, bitches. Haha. Honestly I don't want to be a bitch, I mean, nobody does, am I right? :) I've heard that this book teaches women to be maybe a bit 'arrogant' (not in a bad way lah), play hard to get, not being passive and 'easy' to guys, stuffs like those. Maybe. I don't know. Guess I have to read it first to review. :)

So, are women complicated? Hlovate once quoted
"There is something far more complicated that E = mc2. It is called emotion."

True. I would like to rephrase. Emotional women are complicated. Women are already complicated in their normal form. Tapi mungkin dah fitrah, perempuan ni jenis yang banyak fikir, banyak risau, banyak tekanan. Guys will be like "Ek eleh, relax lah.". Maybe you guys can try being in our shoes (or stilettos :P). So a woman who is emotional is far more complicated. Guys, beware and be ready. Haha.

Ehem. So I've been acting like a woman A LOT lately (oh wait, I really am a woman haha). Sorry if I ever annoyed you with my "ladylike-acts-and-qualities". I am just being a woman. Sorry that I am not sorry. ;)
Love, Hanis Hafizah

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Whatever dude.
I don't give a damn anymore.
Aku dah malas nak kisah.
Kejap ada kejap tak ada.
Suka hati kau lah.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

To Every Things, There Is A Season.

That's what said on the rock, written in Gaelic.

That makes me thinking; will I ever feel the same thing I am feeling right now? Will everything that happens at this moment last, be it good or bad, happy or sad?

I am sitting here on the bench at the University Memorial Garden (in memory of all staff and students who have died), it's always a good place to be with my own self and think.

Apart from Allah, I am the only one who knows best about myself. What I've said, acted, appeared, wrote, posted, tweeted, were things that I chose to show you. What I showed you might be very superficial to what actually happened, and it might be a lie. Maybe I lied to you about everything. And maybe I lied to myself as well!

Whatever dude. That's life. It.....happens. 

To every things, there is a season.

Eid Mubarak From Galway!

Alhamdulillah. It's Eid again. My third raya in Galway, my second Eid Al-Adha. But didn't manage to perform solat sunat hari raya with the others this time round, because I have a morning class. Raya dalam lecture theater pon boleh. Haha T_____T 

One of the pictures is from the last night's event; Galway Bertakbir (pandai-pandai bagi nama hahah). And the other one is a (not-so) quick selfie I managed to snap after class today. I knew this Miss Selfridge' s floral dress will come in handy when I 'ran out' of baju kurung. Lol. So I just style it with a dark blue cardigan I got from Penneys, a turquoise pasmina, a Dorothy Perkin's headband for a 'princess-ey' effect (muehehe), my lovable pair of studded ankle boots and voilĂ , lari pergi class. Haha! Mood nak cantik-cantik masa hari raya mesti kena ada. Hiks.

Ps: Class ends at 6pm. And not a single raya food is eaten (yet) today. Bertabahlah duhai Anis Apizah!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Girls We Just Wanna Have Fun

My girls from Cork are here! (And Nana Loly too!) And as always, they bring sunshine and laughter together all the way from wherever they came from. And I just wanna cherish this moment. Enjoying every second of their presence. All eleven of us cramped our butts in the Ardroe House but who cares? We just love to cuddle. Teehee. Gonna miss them real soon, big time. :')

Thursday, 10 October 2013

You Are Loved

You are actually loved.

Somewhere in this world, there must be, must be, somebody who loves you endlessly, unconditionally, who loves you in any matter. Who will love you regardless of your grade, your look, or your weight. Who loves you the way you are. There must be somebody. It can be your parents, your friends, or somebody who can see the world in your eyes.

It is either they love you with you knowing, or without.

Just, keep on believing. There must be somebody. They are special. Cherish them.
And you are special to them. You are loved.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh. Winter2012

#nowplaying Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Be My Wonderwall?

20131005/20131006. A clashing between these two. Blame the distance and time difference. Date doesn't matter anyway. I believe it started looooooong time before, I don't even remember when. Some people says, "When you know, you know."
P/s: Lets just keep the corny cheesy stuffs to ourselves. *wink*

And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I don't know how
Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you're my wonderwall

So I was asked; What does "be my worderwall" means? To be honest, I was not sure my self. One thing for sure, I love the song Wonderwall by Oasis. I looked up for the meaning, it was all confusing I decided to give up. Haha.

I looked up for the meaning again today and these are what I got:

1. Some one who you find yourself thinking about all the time, the person who you are completely infatuated with. The one that you look for on your buddylist everytime you sign online. The one who has a heart next to their name in your phone book. The person that you find yourself completely head over heals for. - Aimee Lynne, Urban Dictionary
Oh my god. Cut the cheese please. Too much jiwangness to handle. Eh? Ehem. *cough cough*

2. Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me. And after all, you're my wonderwall. (You've always been there for me holding me up while I have been so sick). 
This is an interpretation of a wife, her husband died of brain tumor, and the song was his favorite. Don't cry Hanis Hafizah.

3. Anything that makes you happy or brightens your day. From the smallest thing to someone who means a lot to you. - Noel Gallagher
It is simpler this way, I'd say.

So what does "be my wonderwall" means to me?
Frankly I don't know how put it into words. Protector? Yes, you can also put it that way. One thing for sure, Wonderwall is Special. Just like my rainbows. :)
Gosh, I am never good with words! Sorry that I am a hopeless and helpless romantic? Ohmy, I'm so awkward.
Double rainbow and the happiest of me.

Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go
-John Denver-

Let's pray for the best?

Hanis Hafizah


Hey peeps. It's me again. Yup. Boring. Decided to go plain jane this time. My time for oh-so-fancy-so-girly blog is over now. I'm blaming the old age. Haha.

Nobody cares anyway. LOL.

I always have this conflict with myself; to delete the blog or to keep on ranting. The first option is so tempting tho, provided people are forgetting blogger now. Meanwhile the latter, naaahhh I don't have that much time to blog.

But I really don't want to delete Blast and Blush. "Dear blog, you were special that one time in my life." Moreover, I would love to look back and see how IMMATURE I was hahahaha.

And ohh, it is now autumn in Galway. And nope, everything has not change to yellow yet. It's getting colder though. :)

The picture of Yatt and I, taken at Eyre Square by the end of summer 2013.