Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hey peeps. It's me again. Yup. Boring. Decided to go plain jane this time. My time for oh-so-fancy-so-girly blog is over now. I'm blaming the old age. Haha.

Nobody cares anyway. LOL.

I always have this conflict with myself; to delete the blog or to keep on ranting. The first option is so tempting tho, provided people are forgetting blogger now. Meanwhile the latter, naaahhh I don't have that much time to blog.

But I really don't want to delete Blast and Blush. "Dear blog, you were special that one time in my life." Moreover, I would love to look back and see how IMMATURE I was hahahaha.

And ohh, it is now autumn in Galway. And nope, everything has not change to yellow yet. It's getting colder though. :)

The picture of Yatt and I, taken at Eyre Square by the end of summer 2013.

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