Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hari Jadi AmyNur Senggol-Senggolan Cubit-Cubitan

special post untuk Makcik Berangan kanak-kanak yang baru masuk dua puluh tahun

Syaza aka AmyNur aka Amino Acid aka Makcik Berangan aka Drama Queen
whatever, you name it! :D

And ohhh
first of all,
play video di bawah untuk lebih feel

terimas kepada Party Crazy String yang banyak berjasa membuat kami jadi crazy selama dua puluh minit setengah

and all the damages we did

poor lappy kena sembur sekali..
siapa pegang spray salah angle ni?? hahaha

nampak tak Mas Idayu tengah ber-senggol-senggolan tu??
nampak tak NAMPAK TAK???!!!

dan inilah hasil menyembur sambil bersenggol-senggolan cubit-cubitan

she's the pro one. HAHAHA

I can't stop myself from publishing this video:

last but not least
may Allah bless you, always. :)

from us;
HaHa, Abeyy, dan Atiqah

Thursday, 23 February 2012

YunaVEVO and we Malaysian cannot watch?

until the time and date this post posted,

i dont understand.
i just dont understand.

click for larger views

an unexpected visit

#np The Boys by Girls Generation

Speaking of Girls Generation, it turns out that our lecturer, Dato Dr Chan 'discovered' that Korean pop group and we can tell that he definitely like GG!! (now what? Shakira Waka-Waka is not his favorite singer anymore? haha)

During lunch hour yesterday, we were told that some professors from Ireland are coming to our class in the evening to pay a little visit. (Earlier in the morning, we had a little talk session with two lovely ladies from Ireland Medical Council, IMC.) Later in the evening, Dato Dr Chan came earlier to the class to prepare as he had to do a bit presentation on what our "bridging program" is about. While waiting for our guest, Dato Dr Chan play some music videos of GG's songs. And whilst we're enjoying the cute dance and nice music and whatnot, somebody knock the door and a handsome Irish man appear, in a loud background music awkwardness. We were caught in action! In the end, the Irish man joined us and he was in awe to see a great performance of Girls Generation. Haha.

To be honest, I was (I bet we all were!) quite embarrassed but despite of that, the Irish man seems more comfortable to ease himself in a new foreign environment. Yet, I think this was the warmest welcome I've ever encounter to someone I've never met before. 

The Irish man is Professor Antony Wheatley, Professor and Head of Physiology Department in National University of Ireland, Galway. He is a very nice guy. He is so cool, so friendly, hilarious, and we really had fun talking to him. 

Unfortunately, the meeting lasted less than half an hour because they Irish professors had to go back to Ireland that very evening. As what had taught by Dato Dr Chan about "soft skills", we walked Prof Wheatley down and in the lobby we met the other professors, and there, we chatted again. I bet we Irish and Malaysian are both talkative friendly. Hihi. :)

see the happy faces?

they are so tall, no? I'm jealous. haha

A stranger is a friend that you don't know (yet).    -Dato Dr Chan-

The one most important thing to be taken care of for you to study medicine in Ireland is not (only) medical knowledge, but make sure that you can speak well and understand what are people saying to you.     - Professor Antony Wheatley-

p/s: Prof Wheatley even showed us from his MacBook some pictures of his students which are our Pre-Medic's friends who are already there. Seeing their happy faces, I just can't wait to join them there. :)

musim rajin masak dah sampai

roti gardenia expired esok!!
and we had three-quarters of a loaf left
apa lagi, bread pudding comin' right away babehh

not in a writing typing mood
so just enjoy the pictures yeahh :D

ready to be baked, tapi kenapa nampak macam kosong sangat?

there, dah tabur mixed dried fruits :)

the rise scared me!! too much baking powder I guess??

whoahhh berasap beb!! hahah
now imagine the smell.... *o*

nasib baik turun balik mana yang naik tadi =,='

to be honest,
bread pudding ni a bit tawar,
my fault sebab kurangkan gula sebab takut tengok gula banyak sangat T___T

then fikir2 macam mana nak bagi "berasa" sikit,
bukak refrigerator nampak red delicious (apple) banyak lagi
yeahh kita buat apple sauce lahh

my so called "bread pudding with apple sauce" -,-'

this time resepi main campak-campak je
pakai bahan yang ada dekat rumah

patutnya nak pekatkan sauce tu pakai tepung jagung
tapi tepung jagung takde so pakai tepung gandum (ha.ha)
dah berapa kali baking, tapi vanilla essence pun takde dalam kitchen
rasanya inilah baker yang paling selekeh di dunia
(bukan selekeh as in rambut tak sikat, pakai tudung tak iron, well you got my point, kan?)

kata not in writing mood tapi banyak je kau tulis..hanishafizah tipu! =..=''

p/s: tak senonoh betul lagu Chris Brown - Strip ni =.=' . just saying.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Puss in Boots - The Three Diablos

haven't watch this??
what are you waiting for??
click the play button NOW!!! 

this thirteen minutes time will make your day,
InsyaAllah :)

cuteness overdose, huh? :D

Monday, 20 February 2012

butter cookies dark choc cookies

so regarding to yesterday's post;

can anybody guess what I was planning to do?
well Iqin guessed I'm baking a cake,
which is close but not too close.

these are what I made, some COOKIES :D

the first batch.
I know they didn't turn out well but with choc chips, mixed fruits and sliced almonds they're delicious man! 

also tried to make a bigger size,
Abeyy cakap macam Famous Amos..hewhew
but of course I was no where near FA, they are the pro!

butter cookies anyone?
or you prefer dark choc flavor?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Saturday, 18 February 2012

super super bored

ya Allah! sangat sangat bosan.
looooooooong weekend (Thursday to Monday)
no assignment no homework

bila masalah pun takda
memang dah bosan tahap severe 
nak keluar jalan2 macam buang duit buang masa
tengah tunggu elaun Mara masuk ni entah bila 
(ehh ada rhythm)

sudahnya hadap jelah laptop ni
blogwalking, website walking and what not
and biasanya akan end up at food blogs
or recipe blogs
or how-to-cook-blablabla videos at youtube
kononya nak upgrade skill memasak
tapi biasanya akan end up lapar and drooling
nak masak apa yang baru jumpa kat laman sesawang tu bahan takda
so pergi dapur masak air buat milo cicah biskut digestive je

apa lagi?
kalau ada boipren takpalah jugak
boleh buat cari gaduh kalau bosan macam ni
masalahnya forever alone
terima jelah hakikat kalau dah tak hot tu
ahakkk (gelak tak ikhlas)


Friday, 10 February 2012

Josh Groban - "You Raise Me Up" [Official Video]

I have been searching this exact video for ages!! Finally found it. :'D

When You Get RM 200 For Free What Should You Feel?

#nowplaying Bidadari by Hijjaz

well, HAPPY lah of course!! :D
As we all knew, the government has been very very very kind and generous to 'sponsor' us students in third level education with RM 200 book voucher that can be redeemed in every bookstore in Malaysia. It is called Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia.

so this is how I spent my last RM 50 voucher yesterday

Truthfully, yesterday I spent more than two hours in the bookstore just to choose and think very carefully so that I will end up spending the last RM 50 very wisely. But in the end, I still felt dissatisfied. Nak lagi voucher tu boleh takk?? Hehehe

I remember back in 2003, when I was in Standard 5, Ayah promised to buy me a new bike if I performed well in the final year exam. And Alhamdulillah, I scored really well at that time. On our way to the kedai jual basikal, I changed my mind thus asked my father, " Ayah, boleh tak kalau Kak Long nak tukar hadiah? Ayah tak payah belikan Kak Long basikal, Kak Long jalan kaki je pergi sekolah. Tapi Ayah tukar basikal tu dengan RM 200 cash, Kak Long nak shopping buku kat Popular. "

At that moment, I really hoped that my father will grant my wish. I can even imagine a rack full of "buku siri penyiasatan" which I love to read during primary school years. HAHAHA. But UNfortunately, Ayah insisted to buy the bike, and you know what? The bike can still be used even until today!! (but I have to pump the tire first. haha)

But still, in the end, my wish to get a RM 200 voucher so that I can shop all books that I want was finally granted...after nine years. HAHAHA.

Ohh before I forget, thank you very much MALAYSIA. :) You can always give me book vouchers again and again, anytime, anywhere. Hehehe. 

Vowing The Vow

So I've been waiting for about..four months (?) for the movie "The Vow" to be released. And it is supposed to be released this February 14, which is four days from now. This fact really excites me since February approached. But then after a re-check, I found out that "The Vow" will not be released in four days time but I have to wait for another one month (plus) time!!!

Afterall IN MALAYSIA, "The Vow" will not be released on the so-called Valentine's Day by certain people who celebrate it. (well, I'm not celebrating Valentine's as my religion forbids it).
But but but the release date will be *holding breath*  March 22, which is *holding breath* my *holding breath* BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! *pom pom pom fireworks*  :D

So so so, I'll be waiting for someone who is kind enough and lovely enough and adorable enough (heyyy I'm bodek-ing you here!! :D) to bring me to watch this movie (or you can treat me) on my birthday. And it will be the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry, on top of the sundae of awesomeness!! p/s: Barney Stinson, I'm borrowing your line. ;)

I really really really look forward to watch this movie. (I cried by just watching the trailers here and here.) You can review the story line by searching (or Google-ing) the synopsis. The Vow somehow reminds me of the movie The Notebook. Yeahhh it is sad when the one you love start forgetting you due to pathological reasons, but your heart will explode with happiness the moment they start remember everything again. :')

p/s : Please excuse my super-excited-ness if it annoys you. :)
p/s/s : It's Channing Tatum yawww :D

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fearless. Stronger.

Think I'm gonna stop hoping.
Gonna start moving on.
Not gonna wait anymore.
Kalau ada jodoh, adalah.