Friday, 10 February 2012

Vowing The Vow

So I've been waiting for about..four months (?) for the movie "The Vow" to be released. And it is supposed to be released this February 14, which is four days from now. This fact really excites me since February approached. But then after a re-check, I found out that "The Vow" will not be released in four days time but I have to wait for another one month (plus) time!!!

Afterall IN MALAYSIA, "The Vow" will not be released on the so-called Valentine's Day by certain people who celebrate it. (well, I'm not celebrating Valentine's as my religion forbids it).
But but but the release date will be *holding breath*  March 22, which is *holding breath* my *holding breath* BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! *pom pom pom fireworks*  :D

So so so, I'll be waiting for someone who is kind enough and lovely enough and adorable enough (heyyy I'm bodek-ing you here!! :D) to bring me to watch this movie (or you can treat me) on my birthday. And it will be the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry, on top of the sundae of awesomeness!! p/s: Barney Stinson, I'm borrowing your line. ;)

I really really really look forward to watch this movie. (I cried by just watching the trailers here and here.) You can review the story line by searching (or Google-ing) the synopsis. The Vow somehow reminds me of the movie The Notebook. Yeahhh it is sad when the one you love start forgetting you due to pathological reasons, but your heart will explode with happiness the moment they start remember everything again. :')

p/s : Please excuse my super-excited-ness if it annoys you. :)
p/s/s : It's Channing Tatum yawww :D

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