Friday, 20 July 2012

Alhamdulillah. It's Ramadhan. :')

Alhamdulillah. It's already Ramadhan in Malaysia. :')
And I'm obviously can't wait for the terawih tonight, just after Isya'. Mesti masjid penuh malam ni. :)

welcoming Ramadhan

A little reminder... :)

last but not least
Happy Ramadhan everyone!

May our days and nights and ibadah will be filled barakah. Ameen. :)

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hello June.

A new month, a new start.
A start of what? Not very sure (yet).
It can be anything.
29 days and counting. *love*

Me, who is always trying to be better.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hey there. :)
It has been FOREVER since the last time I posted here. Poor bloggie. :(

I have lots and lots of thing to tell ya, but maybe not now.

Chillin' iz cool. :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

OHMYYYYY twenty?? :0

assalam :)
Just a quickie
I'm already twenty?? ya Allah cepatnya..

Thanks Allah for giving me this very great opportunity to experience life on your land
Thanks Allah for blessing me with rezeki and nikmat all this time

Thanks Mak and Ayah, because of you guys, I'm here!
Thanks to Alynn for always be there.

Thanks for all my friends who gave me sweet and sometimes sour memories.
Well, they're spices of life kan? :D

yeahh well, I'm cheeky, and chubby (obviously)
still a child at heart

off to class!! bye assalam :)

p/s: Mak kata "dah dua puluh dah Kak Long?? kalau kawen ni dah boleh dpt anak!!" Mak, kalau budak umur lima belas tahun kawen pun boleh dapat anak kalau dia dah period =.=''
p/s/s: can a girl be excused from presentations on her birthday??? pretty pleaseeeeee? 

Monday, 19 March 2012

I wanna wish a great happy 18th birthday to my best-est (little) sister, Hanis Amalina binti Ismail (we called her Alynn, cehhh nama nak glamour je) :P
May Allah bless us all. I ♥ you.

p/s: termehek-mehek. happy birthday budak kicik/ustazah..satu hari je lagi result SPM keluar, cuak takkk?? puahahahahaha. (<<--- dont worry, I'm not good with words, so this is my way of saying she meant world to me) 

Nak beranak. Eh?

Sebelum sebarang spekulasi timbul daripada tajuk di atas, baiklah kiranya beta membetulkan statement.
Nak ber-anak. Nak mempunyai anak. 
Bukan nak beranak as in bersalin. (sekarang? like seriously? =.=''')

Sekarang ni tengah excited baca blog Dr Halina. Yes, Dr Halina wife Dr SMS, Malaysia's first astronout tu. :)

Reading from the title pun we can already predict what is this blog about, kan?
Basically she stories about her new world of being a mother to gorgeous Little B (Sophea Isabella).
And ada sikit-sikit cerita on what is a life of a doctor is about, blablabla.

Her blog is very light, relaxing, and seronok nak baca.
Nak-nak lagi ada gambar-gambar Little B tu Ya Allahhhhh geramnya tengokkkk..comel sangat T_____T

Look!!! Who can resist this cuteness?? 
(source) picture taken here : Bella Meets Snow!!

Baru-baru ni I turned into someone who loves kids, dulu takdelah suka sangat-sangat macam sekarang.
Even my mom pun perasan, "Ehh Kak Long sekarang makin suka budak-budak ye. Kalah Alynn. Dulu Alynn yang pandai layan sangat."
Since when pun tak tahu. Haha.
But really, asal jumpa budak-budak je (especially babies) mesti pinjam kejap buat dukung-dukung. Kalau yang kenal lah.
Kalau tak kenal setakat acah-acah dari jauh je. Tu pun kalau mak dia yang pegang.
Kalau ayah dia yang pegang macm susah sikitlah..karang mak dia fikir nak ngorat husband dia pulak. Haha. 

Baby Muqaddam masa datang raya. Dok suruh dukung je. Haha

Main webcam dengan Ica. She called me Kak Long padahal patutnya Mok Long. Hihi :P

This one pulak susah gilaa nak pegang.

But still gotcha!! :D

Ignore my oily face. Ni tak tau anak siapa sambar je. :P

Paling rindu dengan dia ni - Darwisy.
"Darwisy school dekat Shemat Sholeh (Smart Soleh)"

Sekarang ni takde baby kita peluk Patrick muncit jelah =.=''

One more thing, guys who love kids and pandai layan budak-budak adalah sangat attractive okay!! Dan comel.

Macam ni. Eh.

Nak baby tapi tak nak lahh kahwin sekarang. Acane?

#nowplaying Beast - Fiction

Sunday, 18 March 2012

My First (so-called) Doodle ^^,

Blame insomnia

created here

I know, I'm not a pro ;)
And it is uglyyyyy urghhh

So dearies,
Draw yours and share it!! :D link here 

Night night peeps
It's gonna be Monday after waking up
Assalamualaikum :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday : HE REPLIED!!!

This gonna be the last time I post 'bout him. Promise!

*menjerit di bantal* of course!

#np Big Bang - Bad Boy

Saturday, 10 March 2012

*menjerit di bantal*

Guess who I met in Queensbay Mall today..
Nasib baik masa tu kat QB Mall.
Kalau kat rumah, dah lari masuk bilik terjun atas katil then jerit sambil tekup muka dengan bantal sebab tak nak jiran-jiran ingat ada orang histeria (amboi panjangnyaa)

lantaklah tudung senget ke apa..hahahh

Here is the story:

Walking out from the ladies with my girls,
I saw this one jaw-dropping-hot-tall guy yang macam kelam kabut nak masuk toilet.

-dalam hati- 
"ehh macam kenal"
"I've seen him before somewhere"
"yeahhh on 8TV!!!"
"the Quickie show!!!"
"it's RYAN!!!!"

And then after a few moments I saw him again.
This time with the hitz Ford Cruisers crews.
I got super excited kottt.
Afiqah kata merah gilaaaa muka sebab blushing.
Of course lahh excited.
All this while I watched him on Quickie
and now I can meet Ryan in person!!!

Ryan and Megan with Janice and The Supertank. source

With as much bravado as I can conquer, (yelahh I kan pemalu...hehe)
tegurlahh Ryan.
Thank god masa tu dia tengah on break so boleh sembang lamalahh jugak.
(cehhh sembang. gaya macam jumpa kawan lama je.haha)

Ryan is a super nice guy. Tak sombong langsung.
Afiqah pergi bocorkan rahsia, 
said that I'm a big fan of him and my face turn tomato red when I first saw him before.
And Ryan was like; "Really?? Ohh thank you!!!" -HE BLUSHED-

Awhhhhh comel gilaaaaaaaa. Haha.

The moment we snapped the picture;
Me: Ryan you're sooo tall
Ryan: Oh yeahh should I bend a little? -bending his knees and laughing-
Again, comel gilaaaaaaaa. Haha.

He nearly peluk my bahu tapi nasib baik sempat cakap "no no it's okayy".
Tidak boleh ye kakak-kakak adik-adik anak-anak..bukan muhrim!! :B
I hope he was not offended..hihi sorryyyyyyy

We bid goodbyes and Ryan said something that would make me faint;
"Bye, see you again. Love you"

Nak pegi jerit kat bantal lagi okebai!

Terus naik jerawat gatal dua bijik. Oh mai. =.=''

p/s: I came back home with cramped cheeks. Tak sedar senyum dua jam tak henti-henti sebab happy jumpa Ryan. haha
p/s/s: Ryan got super excited when we told him that we're going to Ireland, either Galway or Cork, and he was .... "Whoahhhhhh..I was born in Galway!!!!! Are you girls doing medicine? Niceeeeeee"
p/s/s/s: thanks Afiqah-ssi..thank god she was there, kalau tak sampai ke sudahlahh aku tak tegur Ryan sebab segan..kan dah kata tadi "I kan pemalu" hewhewhew

Facebook 'Like' Button di Setiap Entry; Tutorial.

Baru perasan, lepas tukar template blog hari tu my facebook like buttons hilang.
Dah kena buat balik semula. =.=''

Thanks to my reference: here  :)


in future

Thursday, 1 March 2012

hello MARCH!! :D

will be hoping that EVERYTHING will be okay,
or if it is not okay,
I'm praying that I can always keep my chin up
and face the challenge like a boss.


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hari Jadi AmyNur Senggol-Senggolan Cubit-Cubitan

special post untuk Makcik Berangan kanak-kanak yang baru masuk dua puluh tahun

Syaza aka AmyNur aka Amino Acid aka Makcik Berangan aka Drama Queen
whatever, you name it! :D

And ohhh
first of all,
play video di bawah untuk lebih feel

terimas kepada Party Crazy String yang banyak berjasa membuat kami jadi crazy selama dua puluh minit setengah

and all the damages we did

poor lappy kena sembur sekali..
siapa pegang spray salah angle ni?? hahaha

nampak tak Mas Idayu tengah ber-senggol-senggolan tu??
nampak tak NAMPAK TAK???!!!

dan inilah hasil menyembur sambil bersenggol-senggolan cubit-cubitan

she's the pro one. HAHAHA

I can't stop myself from publishing this video:


last but not least
may Allah bless you, always. :)

from us;
HaHa, Abeyy, dan Atiqah

Thursday, 23 February 2012

YunaVEVO and we Malaysian cannot watch?

until the time and date this post posted,

i dont understand.
i just dont understand.

click for larger views

an unexpected visit

#np The Boys by Girls Generation

Speaking of Girls Generation, it turns out that our lecturer, Dato Dr Chan 'discovered' that Korean pop group and we can tell that he definitely like GG!! (now what? Shakira Waka-Waka is not his favorite singer anymore? haha)

During lunch hour yesterday, we were told that some professors from Ireland are coming to our class in the evening to pay a little visit. (Earlier in the morning, we had a little talk session with two lovely ladies from Ireland Medical Council, IMC.) Later in the evening, Dato Dr Chan came earlier to the class to prepare as he had to do a bit presentation on what our "bridging program" is about. While waiting for our guest, Dato Dr Chan play some music videos of GG's songs. And whilst we're enjoying the cute dance and nice music and whatnot, somebody knock the door and a handsome Irish man appear, in a loud background music awkwardness. We were caught in action! In the end, the Irish man joined us and he was in awe to see a great performance of Girls Generation. Haha.

To be honest, I was (I bet we all were!) quite embarrassed but despite of that, the Irish man seems more comfortable to ease himself in a new foreign environment. Yet, I think this was the warmest welcome I've ever encounter to someone I've never met before. 

The Irish man is Professor Antony Wheatley, Professor and Head of Physiology Department in National University of Ireland, Galway. He is a very nice guy. He is so cool, so friendly, hilarious, and we really had fun talking to him. 

Unfortunately, the meeting lasted less than half an hour because they Irish professors had to go back to Ireland that very evening. As what had taught by Dato Dr Chan about "soft skills", we walked Prof Wheatley down and in the lobby we met the other professors, and there, we chatted again. I bet we Irish and Malaysian are both talkative friendly. Hihi. :)

see the happy faces?

they are so tall, no? I'm jealous. haha

A stranger is a friend that you don't know (yet).    -Dato Dr Chan-

The one most important thing to be taken care of for you to study medicine in Ireland is not (only) medical knowledge, but make sure that you can speak well and understand what are people saying to you.     - Professor Antony Wheatley-

p/s: Prof Wheatley even showed us from his MacBook some pictures of his students which are our Pre-Medic's friends who are already there. Seeing their happy faces, I just can't wait to join them there. :)

musim rajin masak dah sampai

roti gardenia expired esok!!
and we had three-quarters of a loaf left
apa lagi, bread pudding comin' right away babehh

not in a writing typing mood
so just enjoy the pictures yeahh :D

ready to be baked, tapi kenapa nampak macam kosong sangat?

there, dah tabur mixed dried fruits :)

the rise scared me!! too much baking powder I guess??

whoahhh berasap beb!! hahah
now imagine the smell.... *o*

nasib baik turun balik mana yang naik tadi =,='

to be honest,
bread pudding ni a bit tawar,
my fault sebab kurangkan gula sebab takut tengok gula banyak sangat T___T

then fikir2 macam mana nak bagi "berasa" sikit,
bukak refrigerator nampak red delicious (apple) banyak lagi
yeahh kita buat apple sauce lahh

my so called "bread pudding with apple sauce" -,-'

this time resepi main campak-campak je
pakai bahan yang ada dekat rumah

patutnya nak pekatkan sauce tu pakai tepung jagung
tapi tepung jagung takde so pakai tepung gandum (ha.ha)
dah berapa kali baking, tapi vanilla essence pun takde dalam kitchen
rasanya inilah baker yang paling selekeh di dunia
(bukan selekeh as in rambut tak sikat, pakai tudung tak iron, well you got my point, kan?)

kata not in writing mood tapi banyak je kau tulis..hanishafizah tipu! =..=''

p/s: tak senonoh betul lagu Chris Brown - Strip ni =.=' . just saying.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Puss in Boots - The Three Diablos

haven't watch this??
what are you waiting for??
click the play button NOW!!! 

this thirteen minutes time will make your day,
InsyaAllah :)

cuteness overdose, huh? :D

Monday, 20 February 2012

butter cookies dark choc cookies

so regarding to yesterday's post;

can anybody guess what I was planning to do?
well Iqin guessed I'm baking a cake,
which is close but not too close.

these are what I made, some COOKIES :D

the first batch.
I know they didn't turn out well but with choc chips, mixed fruits and sliced almonds they're delicious man! 

also tried to make a bigger size,
Abeyy cakap macam Famous Amos..hewhew
but of course I was no where near FA, they are the pro!

butter cookies anyone?
or you prefer dark choc flavor?

Sunday, 19 February 2012