Thursday, 22 March 2012

OHMYYYYY twenty?? :0

assalam :)
Just a quickie
I'm already twenty?? ya Allah cepatnya..

Thanks Allah for giving me this very great opportunity to experience life on your land
Thanks Allah for blessing me with rezeki and nikmat all this time

Thanks Mak and Ayah, because of you guys, I'm here!
Thanks to Alynn for always be there.

Thanks for all my friends who gave me sweet and sometimes sour memories.
Well, they're spices of life kan? :D

yeahh well, I'm cheeky, and chubby (obviously)
still a child at heart

off to class!! bye assalam :)

p/s: Mak kata "dah dua puluh dah Kak Long?? kalau kawen ni dah boleh dpt anak!!" Mak, kalau budak umur lima belas tahun kawen pun boleh dapat anak kalau dia dah period =.=''
p/s/s: can a girl be excused from presentations on her birthday??? pretty pleaseeeeee? 

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happy birthday HAHA :D miss u :)