Friday, 26 April 2013

99 Balloons

Watched this a few times before. Happened to watch it again tonight and me being the typical me, shedding tears every single time. :'(
 Parent's love, is the most fascinating thing in the world.
And to build strength out of it, you need proper faith and guidance from Him.
You know what is my jargon for strong parents? Strong parents are the ones that can still smile in front of other people and only cry when they are all alone.
And when they cry, they cry with Him. 

And talking about strength, I think I am not strong enough in term of losing. It is easier for me to leave rather than being left. Selfish much? Yes I am aware. But I know it will hurt so much I dont think I can bear with the pain.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Most Embarrassing Scene of The Day

First of all, wait. Inhale. Exhale.
Malu lagi ni bila fikir balik.


Here comes the story.

So I went to Mr Price earlier today, looking for some boxes for packing my stuff to move out of the house. There was this one really nice and helpful worker named Greg whom I asked for the boxes from. He told me that they didnt have any empty box yet during that time and asked me to come again later that evening. 

So I did. I hopped into the Dunaras-NUIG bus which will drop me at the shop at 6.10 pm. The bus will make a route back (NUIG-Dunaras) and will pass the exact spot I hopped off at 6.20 pm. So I pretty much had only ten minutes to settle down the boxes thingy with Greg.

Bla bla bla. Boxes story settled. 
So I walked out of Mr Price in a rush, fearing the fact that I will miss the bus. And exactly, that was what pretty much happening. Or supposed to. But if I was destined to miss the bus this evening, I did 'change my destiny' and of course, like you seen in movies, when you change your destiny, something is needed for the pay-off. Teehee.

And this was what happened for the pay-off.
The bus stopped at the bus stand but I was too far away to catch it. So I ran. Yup. Typical Hanis Hafizah Haha, running for the bus. Forever and always. But I didnt make it. It speeds off. 

Apparently, the fate is my bestfriend. The bus stopped for the traffic light so I continued running with the crazy wind, my tudung terbang-terbang until at some point the wind blew my tudung all over my face I couldnt see at all 
and phewww! I made it into the bus.

Oh did I tell you I ran with huge boxes in my hands? Yup with all those boxes in the picture above. Yup. Imagine that. A fat chick running with huge boxes. How. Hilarious. =.='

As I hoped into the bus all panting and confusing, I was kinda blur on where to put my boxes, then another nice guy of the day came, carry all my boxes to the backseats of the bus. It was Eamonn, my classmate. He was in the bus of course, with Janisha le girlfriend and of course, they saw everything happened, every show I did. And for sure, everybody else in the bus saw what I did back then. Yup everybody except the bus driver, if he had seen me (running towards him) he should've wait for me. *cry*

So then after thanking Eamonn, I sat at the back with him and Janisha. And my boxes, of course. If you are a glasses person you know what will happen to your cold glasses once you body becomes hot (from all the running). Condensation will occur. And Eamonn, being the brotherly-annoying boy he has always been, said (with laugh of course), "Hey Haha, you have clouds on your glasses" which I replied "Yes I'm aware of it, a normal thing from all the running."

Eamonn: "Yup we saw that. Somebody said "Haha is running for the bus" and we shouted for the driver to stop the bus. And then we saw your hijab went crazy and covering your face and you were seen running without a face..hahahahahahahahaha"
Me: "Just, shut up." *embarrassing*

And he continued laughing. Until we reached Dunaras.

Being all gentleman (I dont think he did that just in front of Janisha, you know, trying hard on showing how macho you are in front of your girlfriend or something like that, teehee) Eamonn offered to carry my huge boxes down the bus.

And me, 
urmmmm I think I had not recovered from the running yet, nearly falling flat on the bus floor as I missed the bus step. I screamed a little and Janisha went like "Oh my, Haha are you alright". I knew them both were holding their laugh at my silliness, and in fact, I was holding back my laugh as well. Hahaha.

I hope all my friends in the bus at that time had a really good time laughing at me, which I dont mind at all. :) If I was happened to see me like that, I would have laughing really hard on myself too. 

It was too funny. Seeing a baby elephant running with huge boxes and the wind blows so hard the elephant's ears were flapping to its face. Now as I come to think of it, it was hilarious! Hahahaha. XD

This should be a really good thing to laugh at when I get older and wiser. LOL.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It's Overrrrrrr

The summer exam is finally overrrrrr.!
Alhamdulillah I did my best, we did our best.

Of all the ink and the tears *wink*,
Bismillahi takaltu alaAllah. :)


Thank You

For always be there.
During ups and downs.
During laughs and frowns.

When I was about to lose faith in myself today.
Dan air mata pun tumpah lagi tadi.

For always be there.
For always believe in me.
When I am not trusting myself anymore.

Salihah Athirah. Jasmin Syuhada. Siti Nurzulaikha.
Thank you loves.

When family is away.
Friends, will always be around.
But only true friends can read your heart.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Lesson of the day; a simple word can makes everything (seems) better.

Instead of saying "Pass me the sauce." maybe you can say "Please pass me the sauce." or "Can you pass me the sauce, pretty please?". Because people will always love to help but never like to be dictated.

And remember, always appreciate. A simple "thank you" would be nice. And it is never wrong to say "thank you" when you haven't got the help yet like "Can you please help me cleaning the kitchen tonight? Thank you :)"

A note to self. And to all NUIG first meds, let's strive for our last battle tomorrow. Yosh! :)

Rabbi yassir wa la tu'assir. :)


I was about to write something bad. Very bad.
Hatred. Or something like that.
But I delayed it. Solat Asar dulu.
Surprisingly, I cooled off.

Okay, not surprisingly.
Pernah dengar kan orang selalu kata, ustaz ustazah, kakak abang usrah selalu kata,
"Kalau marah, berwudhu'lah".


Tak jadi nak tulis buruk-buruk.
Orang yang baca (kalau ada) pun tak tumpang berdosa.

Just nak cakap kat sini,
Soroklah keburukan orang lain, dan Allah akan sorokkan keburukan awak.
Maybe awak tak perlu nak bagitahu semua orang (tak kiralah orang tu BFF awak 'till jannah' sekali pun) , kalau awak nampak keburukan orang tu tak perlu nak dicanang.

Lebih-lebih lagi kalau orang tu tak sedar pun, or even worse, orang tu tak boleh nak ubah kekurangan dia.

Contoh paling senang, room-mate awak (perempuan, tapi) tidur terkangkang.
Tak perlu bagitau semua orang room mate awak tu tidur terkangkang.
Padahal dia tak sedar pun yang dia tidur terkangkang.
Kalau dia sedar, mestilah dia tak nak tidur terkangkang.

Awak dah menjatuhkan maruah dia dalam tak sedar (assuming awak tak sedarlah).

Paling teruk sekali, mengata fizikal orang, and like I said before
Mengata orang tu pendek, hitam, hodoh, macam awak tu elok sangat.

Macam hati awak tu cantik sangat.

Ayat cliche, Allah dah jadikan semua orang tu cantiknya lain-lain.

Orang yang awak kata tu mungkin nampak cool je kena kutuk.
Buat muka "aku relax je bro".
Tapi dalam hati dia awak tahu ke?

Saya dah biasa kena saya tahu lah.
Dari kecik sampai besar orang tegur fizikal saya yang besar ni.
Habis tu saya mampu buat apa?
Awak ingat saya makan 24 jam je kerja ye?
Awak ingat saya tak usaha jaga diet?
Awak ingat saya tak usaha exercise, pergi gym bla bla bla?
Awak ingat saya tak sedih ke? Tapi saya dah buat macam-macam kalau dah pengakhirannya takde apa-apa, saya nak buat apa?
Saya cuma mampu redha. Dan tampal senyum plastik kat muka bila orang kata "Eh Hanis kau ni tak kurus-kurus lagi ye dari tadika dulu?"

Itu konteks gemuk. Mungkin saya boleh usaha lebih lebih lebih lagi baru mungkin saya boleh capai target "cantik" awak tu.

Tapi kalau orang tu rendah sikit, kulit gelap sikit, awak nak suruh dia buat apa?
Buat operation panjangkan tulang kaki?
Sabun badan dengan bleacher?

Awak tak berfikir.
Awak rasa seronok je mengata keburukan orang.
Padahal kekurangan awak sendiri, awak tak sedar pun.
Tak bersyukur ke, Allah masih nak sorok kekurangan awak. Tapi awak?

A Walk to The University.

Just a quickie.

Wanna share some pictures I captured on my way to the university today.
*Ehem. Am blogging with university's PC right now, excuse me :P*

Spring is totally awesome.
Yeah we still need to bear with the daily rains and winds *wink* but when the sun shines, 

Oh did I mention I slept at Highfield Park last night?
Too much distractions in Dunaras Village. That explains. Haha.

Cherry Blossoms aka the pink tree. My obsession this season. :)

My favorite mini garden (with cherry blossoms now). :)

Highfield Park iloveyou :)

Tulips! Cry now.

The pink tree with an abandoned building. :O

My favorite route to school. The trees change color every season. Will be greener this summer I guess. They were all yellow then orange last autumn and botak all the way during winter. Haha.

Should get back to study now.
Last paper tomorrow.
Behold, the toughest of all.
Study YOSH!! *word of the semester*

I wonder why the school call this final: "Summer Exams" when we are still in spring. =.=

Sunday, 21 April 2013


A simple thank you would be nice.

Thank you.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Exam Fever!

You know exam fever is started in NUI Galway when:
1) First year medical students sit for their first paper
2) There is no enough seat in James Hardiman's Library and the Reading Room, the school has to open a huge number of lecture halls and classes for student to do self study.

Yep. This is the time of the year when, once you find a desk in the library or the reading room, you will never leave except to do some businesses in le toilet and to eat hehee (and of course Muslims, dont forget to perform your pray).


Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Regarding my post before, malu lah pulak. Rasa macam tulis my heart out je. LOLOLOLOL.

Takpe lah Haha. Nanti insyaAllah dah tua boleh baca balik. Haha. Kalau sempat tua.

New Friend

Aizat came to Galway yesterday. Yup, Aizat my best friend. Finally sampai jugak ke Galway. Tapi datang mengejut. All this while geram betul dengan Aizat sebab he visited other FAR AND EXPENSIVE places like Turkey and Amsterdam tapi Galway yang tiga jam from Cork ni, tak sudi nak datang pun. Haha.

Dah la datang sekejap je. Pastu bagi short notice. Padahal orang dah cakap banyak kali before this, kalau nak datang bagitau awal2 boleh prepare nak masak ke apa ke. Heeeee semalam dah kena bebel dah dia. Haha. Kesian.

Kena lah jumpa walaupun sekejap!! Dah la tetamu, my besto pulak tu. *Eventho he wasnt coming here for me peduli apa hahaha* Perlu jumpa untuk catch up stories and blablabla.

Yada yada yada yada.

Eventually Aizat datang dengan Aisya Amira (Bit) and his friend (whom I didnt know before) Ridhwah. Okay to be honest, I was quite embarrassing to keep writing what I'm gonna write after this. But for the sake of keeping the memories *ecewahh* I'll go on. *wink*

Ridhwah. I remember this one time I asked Ami (Syaza Nur Amirah) "How's Aizat?" -they are both classmates in Cork- "Oh, Aizat dah ada best friend baru sekarang, ____________(insert name here, I forgot the name Ami mentioned)". And I was like, "Oh, yeke." *Buat muka biasa*

Tapi dalam hati, I dont know why, ada rasa sedih sikit. I taught "Aizat ada kawan baru sekarang, he'll tell her everything, and he'll do everything with her, and he'll slowly forget me and our friendship." *sila baca dalam nada pasrah*

I think I was being childish. Just pure childish. That kind of childish yang masa sekolah rendah dulu ada BFF pastu tiba2 BFF kita rapat dengan orang lain pergi kantin sama-sama and kita tak nak kawan dengan orang lain tu sebab orang lain tu rampas BFF kita. That kind of childish thing, that kind of childish feeling. Hahaha. Today I am laughing at my own very twenty year old (during that time I asked Ami) self. Pfft.

And yesterday when Aizat told me he's coming with Bit and Ridhwah (whom I didnt know before) I was thinking, "Ohh maybe she's the one yang Ami cakap tu, there I told you, they are going everywhere together now". See? I was being childish again! Haha.

Aizat: Diorang teringin nak makan Mr Waffle esok, jom?
Me: Kau teringin tak? Kalau diorang teringin, diorang pergilah.

Part of me was hoping that Aizat didnt want to go to Mr Waffle so I dont have to meet his new friend Ridhwah and we can go chilling anywhere else. Takdir Allah, in the end kena jumpa face to face dengan Ridhwah jugak. At Mr Waffle.

What can I say, she is not as what I expected. *I have this kind of attitude I am so sorry. I even feel sorry for myself. T___T* The moment my eyes laid on her, everything changed. "Hai. I'm Iwa." *dia lambai sambil senyum*

She's cute. And the most important thing is, she is very very very very nice. No wonder Aizat boleh mingle dengan Iwa. She's very warm. And humble, and baik sangat. We were getting very well towards each other.

Alright, I think I get along with people very well, eventho I just know them. I mean I can and I will try my best to fit in so that there will be no awkward moment. But the case is different with Iwa. At first I thought I will never get along with her (sekolah-rendah-BFF-kena-rampas remember? hahaha) but eventually it turned out very very very differently. 180 degree. First time jumpa boleh terus get along, betul-betul ikhlas dari hati takde main2 fake feeling ke apa.

Ya Allah, rasa berdosa sangat. Sebab ada that kind of feeling. I was being unfair to Aizat, and more important to the innocent Iwa.

Iwa, if you are reading this, Haha mintak maaf sangat. And truly, you are really a very nice person. I feel so blessed to know you today, eventho kita boleh jumpa and sembang sekejap je. Sorry for the things I've done, and for the things I said, or for the thoughts I had. I really hope to see you again next time. Please dont be mad at me, if you are reading this. I am truly sorry and i am sincerely want to be your friend. :) Do come here again, I will cook something for you insyaAllah.

So yeah, I said it. I wrote it. And I'm gonna post it. Now you see the other side of me. Yup I am being perfectly imperfect. Dont judge. Okay, judge if you want. I dont even care. The thing is, I am being honest with myself. I made a mistake and I am not afraid to admit it. I'm not afraiddd *tune in Eminem okay apehal tibe2*

Aizat tak makan sayur. Iwa pun tak makan sayur. I hereby approve if you two want to have something "more than friend" hikhikhik. Just do remember to tell me and, jaga batas, boleh pandang-pandang jangan pegang-pegang lol. If you really want it, do it the right way. :)


Bit, Iwa, and me. At NUI Galway main building, The Quadrangle. (I'm getting chubbier yes I am aware of that. Dont blame me, its study and exam week I am so depressed I cant stop munching, lol)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Perihal Tandas Awam.

Setiap kali keluar rumah, perasan tak, kita mesti akan cari tandas awam. Tak kiralah tandas shopping mall, tandas stesen minyak, tandas bayar, tandas free, hatta tumpang tandas KFC TAPI TAK BELI. Eh ter caps lock pula. Haha. Nature orang Malaysia, khususnya Muslim, kalau pergi tandas, kena make sure ada paip air, barulah boleh ber-bisnes dengan selesa. Kan? Lepas tu, paling suka kalau jumpa tandas (free) yang serba moden, wangi, cantik berkilat, ada make up booth, siap ada sofa haa, tapi paling benci kalau tandas cantik tapi takde paip air, betul tak? Hahaa.

Saya nak ceritalah sikit pengalaman saya dengan tandas ni. Saya setuju sangat dengan apa yang saya sendiri tulis kat atas tu. (Eh, apebende aku ni?).

Bermula dari masa nak pergi Ireland dari Malaysia hari tu, (first time pergi obersi, sila bagi can) barulah saya jumpa dengan cabaran tandas takde paip air dengan sebenar-benarnya. Kiranya dah dekat tujuh bulan lah masuk toilet yang ada toilet bowl dengan tissue roll je. Tissue roll pun kadang2 takde, habis. Naya betul. Haha. Toilet bowl pula, memang takde lah yang cangkung tu. Disebabkan takde paip air dalam tandas, boleh lah ye masing2 bayangkan apa jadi kalau flush rosak. Hahaaaa meraung. Lagi satu, selalu je jumpa tandas awam unisex. Bayar 30 sen, masuk, beraturlah lelaki campur perempuan.  Biasanya ada dekat stesen bas atau stesen kereta api.

Yang tak bestnya bila takde paip air ni, kita rasa macam semua orang yang kat luar tu dengar je semua jenis bisnes apa yang kita tengah buat kat dalam tu. Geli pulak rasanya tulis benda2 macam ni. Eh. Haha. Tapi benda yang betul kan? Memanglah dulu belajar dalam Feqah kat kafa, istinjak tu tak semestinya guna air, boleh guna kertas, tisu, waima batu. Tengok, betapa Islam ni memudahkan. Dalam bab menyucikan diri pun tak terkecuali. Gituu. Tapi agaknya sebab dah biasa dari kecil, nak menyucikan diri tu, bila guna air (secukupnya) barulah rasa bersih. Sebab tu rasa resah gelisah je kalau masuk toilet takde paip air.

Solution nya, ramai yang bawa botol kosong ke mana-mana. Supaya senang kalau nak ke tandas. Sumbat je dalam handbag. Bila nak ke tandas, isi air sinki ke dalam botol, guna lah air dengan bahagianya. Ada juga yang terlupa bawa botol sendiri atas tersengaja lupa, masa dah kritikal tu mulalah tanya semua orang, "Eh kau ada bawak botol toilet tak? Nak pinjam" Hahaaa. Eh macam cakap kat diri sendiri.

Okay. Dilema. Nak bawak botol besar, semak dalam beg. Nak bawa botol kecik sangat, takut nanti tak cukup. Lepas tu saya terjumpa satu botol ni. Bukan lah botol tapi fungsinya sama. Yang bestnya, boleh dileperkan, digulung, bla bla bla tanpa menyemakkan beg anda, semua saiz beg pun boleh masuk. Kecuali beg duit. Eh tapi kalau gulung botol kecik2 lagi mungkin boleh masuk beg duit juga. Cari di Euro Giant je (kedai 2 ringgit versi ireland), harganya 1 euro kalau tak silap.

Untunglah, dekat Ireland ada Euro Giant~

Mesti ada yang nak cakap macam ni. Haha. Kalau di Malaysia mungkin boleh cuba cari di kedai2 dua ringgit atau Daiso. Rasanya ada insyaAllah.

Saya rasa lah kan, benda ni applicable je untuk semua orang. Tak semestinya untuk orang yang nak ke luar negara je. Sebab sekarang ni kat Malaysia pun  makin banyak je tandas awam yang tak ada kepala paip, kalau nak air kena tekan butang pastu dia pancutkan air dari mana2 entah. Sengsara betul. Penyelesaiannya, bawalah botol boleh gulung ke mana2 sahaja. Letak dalam beg, dia takkan mengganggu hidup anda.

Minah saleh pun ada je yang masuk tandas awam bawa botol kosong. Siapa kata orang putih weewee tak cuci pakai air? ;)