Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Walk to The University.

Just a quickie.

Wanna share some pictures I captured on my way to the university today.
*Ehem. Am blogging with university's PC right now, excuse me :P*

Spring is totally awesome.
Yeah we still need to bear with the daily rains and winds *wink* but when the sun shines, 

Oh did I mention I slept at Highfield Park last night?
Too much distractions in Dunaras Village. That explains. Haha.

Cherry Blossoms aka the pink tree. My obsession this season. :)

My favorite mini garden (with cherry blossoms now). :)

Highfield Park iloveyou :)

Tulips! Cry now.

The pink tree with an abandoned building. :O

My favorite route to school. The trees change color every season. Will be greener this summer I guess. They were all yellow then orange last autumn and botak all the way during winter. Haha.

Should get back to study now.
Last paper tomorrow.
Behold, the toughest of all.
Study YOSH!! *word of the semester*

I wonder why the school call this final: "Summer Exams" when we are still in spring. =.=

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