Monday, 28 November 2011

a super nice and amazing voice of Ariz Forteen, peeps!! :D

Salam and hey to all!! :D
have you ever heard of the group Forteen??
i bet you did..
they're famous with that catchy song Berdua Bersatu <---- click here!!

i happened to find Ariz Forteen's personal youtube channel
mark my words, his voice is
i was totally amazed especially in this video below
check it out~  =D

and he has a blog too guys!!!
what are you waiting for??
run to that page like NOWWWW *excited*

Ariz Forteen aka Saiful Ridzuan,
you're AWESOME, bro!

*he's my most favorite Forteen member right now..hewhew (gelak gedik)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

all you need to do is be strong

#nowplaying Kopratasa : Masihkah Kau Ingat

i always hope
that i can just shed my tears away
and keep moving on

last time i tried,
it took me a whole week to remove them ALL

but Alhamdulillah
here I am now
a wiser me

HE knows best kan??

#nowplaying Black : Dewi Aleeya

Friday, 11 November 2011

WHY did Alif Satar has to be soooooo overly-sugary-sweet?? *love*

"Cukup Indah" has always been my favorite song.
It is just today did I find its official MV.

it is BEAUTIFUL <3
Try watch it,
you might find it cheesy and cliche for about early 85% of the video.
But wait for the ending part...

believe it or not,
I nearly cried!

He is soooooooooo SWEET!!
eventhough that girl is __________
(hahahh I dont wanna tell you, it's a secret. watch it yourself! :P)

click WATCH ON's VEVO peopleeeee. VEVOOOOO

yeahhh Alif Satar has always been my favorite entertainer
even since he was in OIAM! :D
(or even since he's wearing braces..hehe)

heyy, check out AlifSatarVEVO
again, it's VEVO peopleeeee. VEEEEEVOOOOO
*i'm super-duper excited to find that Alif Satar has VEVO*

i HEART alifsatar

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

when my parents start talking about wed-stuff

#nowplaying Daughtry - Home

so one of my dearest cousin is getting married next Friday
yes on that very beautiful date

congrats Kak Nisahhhh <3

and you know
this kinda nice thing can lead to a kinda ____ thing for somebody else
not the wedding thing
the beautiful date thing
*I'm using a blank cause I've no idea of word to be suitably used*

so both my parents are amused by this date thingy
and this is what happened:

Ayah   : KakLong nanti buat 1.7.17 ye..? cantik tarikh tu *sengih sengih*
Me      : buat apa?
Ayah   : kenduri KakLong nanti lahhh..masa tu dah umur 25..dah boleh kawen dah.. *sengih sengih* ehh dah ada calon ke belum ni??
Me      : belum lahhh..belajar pon tak habis lagi =.=' *sambil ratah ikan*
Mak    : kawan-kawan Mak kata masa kerja nanti dah susah nak cari..elok cari calon husband masa belajar ni..kat college KakLong tu takde ke senior2 ke apa ke.....(you know where is this leading to right?)
Me      : errrr...takde kot *sambil berjalan ke dapur untuk basuh pinggan dan menamatkan topik perbincangan*

ohhhh crap crap crap!!!

#nowplaying Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles