Friday, 11 November 2011

WHY did Alif Satar has to be soooooo overly-sugary-sweet?? *love*

"Cukup Indah" has always been my favorite song.
It is just today did I find its official MV.

it is BEAUTIFUL <3
Try watch it,
you might find it cheesy and cliche for about early 85% of the video.
But wait for the ending part...

believe it or not,
I nearly cried!

He is soooooooooo SWEET!!
eventhough that girl is __________
(hahahh I dont wanna tell you, it's a secret. watch it yourself! :P)

click WATCH ON's VEVO peopleeeee. VEVOOOOO

yeahhh Alif Satar has always been my favorite entertainer
even since he was in OIAM! :D
(or even since he's wearing braces..hehe)

heyy, check out AlifSatarVEVO
again, it's VEVO peopleeeee. VEEEEEVOOOOO
*i'm super-duper excited to find that Alif Satar has VEVO*

i HEART alifsatar

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