Monday, 28 November 2011

a super nice and amazing voice of Ariz Forteen, peeps!! :D

Salam and hey to all!! :D
have you ever heard of the group Forteen??
i bet you did..
they're famous with that catchy song Berdua Bersatu <---- click here!!

i happened to find Ariz Forteen's personal youtube channel
mark my words, his voice is
i was totally amazed especially in this video below
check it out~  =D

and he has a blog too guys!!!
what are you waiting for??
run to that page like NOWWWW *excited*

Ariz Forteen aka Saiful Ridzuan,
you're AWESOME, bro!

*he's my most favorite Forteen member right now..hewhew (gelak gedik)

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