Thursday, 3 April 2014

All Those Shower Thoughts

I don't know about you, but most of my wisest (at least I thought they were wise) decisions and thoughts were made while I showered.

The one most popular topic while I showered every morning before going to class is "Outfit of The Day". Yes, I know. Truly a girl I am, blablabla. All those make up slash fashionista gurus out there that you may found in Youtube will usually suggest you plan your outfit the night before so that you don't have to rush the next morning. But it doesn't quite work with me. Okay, perhaps it works sometimes, especially when I have something REALLY big coming up, like hari raya or formal dinners sort of things, yeah, but with everyday class outfit, maybe not.

To my surprise (or maybe you are surprised too), sometimes I also thought about bigger things. Like

  1. Where am I in ten years time? Will I be married and have kids, or still single?
  2. Is it rational for me to have pets?
  3. Will I make it to the last of my study and become a doctor one day?
  4. If I didn't pick medicine, where would I be now?
  5. Is it normal to gaze at the sky and be mesmerized with it, every time I looked up?
  6. Why does rainbow makes people happy?
  7. Why are people being so kind to me? I am not really kind anyway.
  8. Do people always feel satisfaction during charity deeds, like I felt? Or it only hits certain people?
  9. I love kids too much. What will happen if nauzubillah I couldn't have kids of my own?
  10. Will I die young or will I live till my nineties? Will my death be sudden or because of a disease?
  11. What are people thinking of me when they first saw me, and when they saw me like, for a year?
  12. How does it feels like to have a brother?
  13. Will I achieve my dream to travel the world?
  14. Will I achieve my dream to settle down and live in a farm with my beloved ones till death do us apart, doing nothing but good deeds to people around and charity and serve the community, doing nothing but everything that makes me happy?
  15. Can I sing really well?
  16. How long more does it takes for me to be a good guitar player?
  17. When will I finish reading all those books I bought? Or they will just end up in the library I build in my dream house?

I have so many thoughts inside me, but right now I couldn't think of a proper outro.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Letter to My Future Daughter

now playing Sara Bareilles - Love Song

Assalamualaikum my little princess. Ummm how do I write this? There's no occasion, really. I just suddenly feel like writing to you, although, you are not here, yet. But just so you know, I already fall in love with you. No, I'm not yet married, darling, and no, I'm not expecting (as in pregnant) a child right at this moment, but I do expect to have children in future, insyaAllah.

Sorry it gets a little awkward. This is my first time 'trying' to talk to my child actually (I don't have any experience on how it's like to have my own baby), so pardon me *wink*. And baby girl, your mother is an awkward-er, so, ummm hope you can deal with that.

Sayang, as for today, I have picked either Lilah or Sarah to be your name. Lilah, pronounced "Lai-la" simply means "night", while Sara means "princess". It is also the name of the wife of Prophet Ibrahim. These are two of my favorite names, I actually like simple names, and we'll leave this at here for this moment, as I need to discuss it with your father first, on which name will be yours, and would you have a middle name, we don't know that yet. 

And oh, speaking about your this moment, I haven't met him yet. Really? I don' know. I mean, the only moment I can be sure that he is your father is when I'm married to him and bearing his child, do you get me? Sooooooo, right now, let's stick with "Only-Allah-knows-who'll-be-your-father". Alright alright I know I confused you so to make things clear; I'm writing this letter as a bachelorette. Ummmm maybe I have met your father. Maybe he was in my class, maybe I saw him in college, maybe we talked on the net. Or maybe we haven't encounter each other yet. Okay, time will comes for that, let's leave everything according to Allah's plan, shall we? :)

Alright, next thing. What should you call me? Few years back, I really love to be called "Bonda". Yeah I know, classic. UN-realistically classic. Haha. Maybe not "Mak". I call you grandmother "Mak". "Ibu" sounds cute, tho. "Mama" is not bad either. "Ummi", or "Mommy"? Right at this moment, I love these two the most. You can call me "Mi" for short. Isn't it cute? "Mi, I wanna eat bananas. Mi, I couldn't sleep. Mi, please hug me I'm scared."

I, will always hug you honey. When you're scared, or when you're sad. When you're utterly happy, or when you're just feeling restless in the heart. Your momma is a cuddly, huggable kind of girl, so you don't have to worry. I will hug you still, even if you feel like you don't need it anymore. These arms will always be your home. 

InsyaAllah, growing up, you will be the cutest girl. On the inside, as well as on the outside. You don't have to look like the society's "standardized" definition of pretty. You will have such a beautiful heart and the beauty inside you will glow. You will be pretty, just the way you are. You will love the tone your skin, the thickness of your hair, the type of your body, the size of your foot, the depth of your voice, you will love how your teeth show when you smile or laugh. I know this might sounds hard, believe me, I've been there, but trust me, you worth so much more than what other people think of you. Mommy is trying to tell you that "fair skin", "thigh gap", "hour glass figure", or "thick wavy hair"is not the only definition of beauty. You, being yourself, is beautiful. And I love you in any matter. 

Your mommy kinda has a dream of her own, like; keeping your hair very long when you're still a toddler so that you can rock all kind of hair styles you like while going out because before so long, you will start rocking those hijabs, according to syariah insyaAllah and I will say to myself "My princess is all grown up." I also would love it if you feel like learning to play musical instruments be it guitar or piano or both, I have no objection on that. It excites me though, as I had no chance learning those while I was a kid.

Or if you like to keep your hair short, or rather learn to swim than do musics, you can always tell me. I will always support you in whatever you do, as long as it brings no harm, I'll be you number one cheer leader. You can always choose your interest, or what you want to do when you grow up big enough to live on your own- what you wanna do for living, be it science or art, do whatever makes you happy. 

Just, remember, life ain't always sunshine. It's gonna rain, even with thunderstorm sometimes, but the moment you see those rainbows, nothing else matter; you just know, that day is your day.

Just, remember, when nothing works out, Mommy is always here. Daddy is always here. And Allah is always here. You are always welcomed home, I'll bake your favorite cookie, and we'll be having warm honey lemon tea at the balcony, figuring out life.

Till then, assalamualaikum.

P/s : Don't forget to oftenly wear that smile, you look gorgeous in it. :)

Lots and lots of overflowing love,
Your Mom
April 2nd 2014
Galway, Ireland

This is Auntie Jasmin and Mommy, we both believe that olives and good friends fix almost everything. Shot by Auntie Salihah, another strong lovely lady I'm thankful to be acquainted with. :)

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Poetry Feels

now playing Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this one video on Youtube called "When Love Arrives".

It is a poem about the expectations and realities in love. And as cheesy as it might sounds, I am falling in love with this poem and of course, being a typical kid from Y generations, I started 'researching' (or more like 'Google-ing') the poets ; Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye. And Sarah became one of my favorites just in a matter of second.
Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to,
And love leaves exactly when love must.
When love arrives, say, “Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.”
If love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her.
Turn off the music, listen to the quiet, whisper,
“Thank you for stopping by.”

You know how I love poetry (previously I am obsessed with Lang Leav, still am tho, and her new book is coming!) and Sarah Kay's works are magnificent! This is another one of my favorites. :)

Love Letter from Toothbrush to Bicycle Tire

They told me that I was meant for the cleaner life, that you would drag me through the mud. They said that you would tread all over me, that they could see right through you, that you were full of hot air, that I would always be chasing, always watching you disappear after sleeker models, that it would be a vicious cycle.

But I know better. I know about your rough edges and I have seen your perfect curves, and I will fit into any spaces you let me. If loving you means getting dirty, bring on the grime, I will leave this porcelain home behind. I’m used to twice a day relationships, but with you, I’ll take all the time. And I know, we live in different world and we’re always really busy.

But in my dreams, you spin around me so fast I always wake up dizzy. So maybe one day you’ll grow tired of the road and roll on back to me. And when I blink my eyes into the morning, your smile will be the only thing I see.

I'm so buying her books!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Grow Up?

Let's not fuss over small things, shall we? Whenever you're feeling blue, remember that you have thousands more reasons to be happy.

You're after all, twenty two. :')

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

'Cause Baby You're a Firework.

I've always wanted to be that one kind of girl who teaches her little sister how to put her make up on, or how to style her tudung, or how to match her plain dress with a printed shawl. 

I've always wanted to be a girl who teaches her little sister how to deal with annoying boys in class, or how to survive high school. 

I've always wanted to be that kind of girl who wants to teach her little sister that life is all about rain, sunshine, and rainbow, who tells her that it is okay to cry over crappy things but never cry twice,  who tells her "Don't worry missy, I got your back.", who protects her.

They said "You can always choose your friends but you can never choose your family." But if I can ever choose my family, I'll stick with them, I'll never replace them. My little sister, she is my best bestest bestfriend. She teaches me the meaning of life more than I did her (betul ke ayat ni?). She's the bravest person to say "He doesn't seem nice. Kak Long, I don't like you going out with him." or that sort of things to my face. She is my everything and I can't imagine my life without her.

Happy Twentieth baby sister. You're always a baby to me. I love you so much. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sweater and Tea, You and Me.

"Okay, for this MMR shot, it does cause several side effects, you might have some headache or feel slight feverish. But the most important of all is that you're not pregnant while receiving this and you must must must not be pregnant for this following three to six weeks."

"Alright. Perfect. No problem. I can deal with that."

"No, I am perfectly serious." *looking straight into my eyes*

"So do I."

"Can you assure me that you'll not and never trying to get pregnant in these two months time?"

How do I say this, what if, I tell her, that I am not yet married and I don't do premarital sex? ;)
As I get to know more people, I also get to know there are huge gap in cultures and whatnots between me and the strangers but somehow I feel glad about that. At least I can always learn something new rather than just stick to one old agreement, one old perception. You know, get my neurons working, hear and listen more, choose to agree or disagree, things like that.

However, that's that and now I'm living the side effect. Heee. Not the major ones Alhamdulillah for that. I just feel lightheaded and it forces me to lay down on bed all day long. To top it up, today is perfectly sunny, with twelve degree Celsius of temperature outside. Oh how I wish I can just go out and play.

Instead, I tucked myself in the duvet, having my dose of Pride and Prejudice, and enjoying the sun that shines through my mighty window. Not so bad after all. Although, I much rather prefer being outside, at Claddagh, or at Menlo Castle perhaps. Oh not to be forgotten, my tea. People who know me should have known how much I love tea, how am I a tea person, and how do I drink my tea.

A not so cold day, the sun shines so brightly,me in my comfiest knit-sweater, a generous mug of tea. They make a perfect combo don't you think? 

Tea, is indeed, a hug in a mug. :)

"You must know... surely, you must know it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me. I believe you spoke with my aunt last night, and it has taught me to hope as I'd scarcely allowed myself before. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on."
                                                                                        -Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice-

Mr. Darcy: How are you this evening, my dear?
Elizabeth Bennet: Very well... although I wish you would not call me "my dear."
Mr. Darcy: [chuckles] Why?
Elizabeth Bennet: Because it's what my father always calls my mother when he's cross about something.
Mr. Darcy: What endearments am I allowed?
Elizabeth Bennet: Well let me think..."Lizzy" for every day, "My Pearl" for Sundays, and..."Goddess Divine"... but only on *very* special occasions.
Mr. Darcy: And... what should I call you when I am cross? Mrs. Darcy...?
Elizabeth Bennet: No! No. You may only call me "Mrs. Darcy"... when you are completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy.
Mr. Darcy: [he snickers] Then how are you this evening... Mrs. Darcy?
[kisses her on the forehead]
Mr. Darcy: Mrs. Darcy...

Oh how am I such a girl, such hopeless romantic. Now now now, can have a Mr Darcy of my own please? ;)

Starry Night

now playing Jonas Brothers - Lovebug

I love stargazing.
Saya suka tengok bintang.

Alhamdulillah malam ni langit cantik sangat subhanallah! With an almost full moon, bintang berterabur, like literally sprinkling, and ombre-colored sky. Words can't describe how beautiful it was, neither a powerful camera lens. Eventually I made all my five housemates out to see the sky and  I made they glad that they came out to our backyard, they really did. ;)

The pictures don't do justice to the real view, seriously. These are they best shot we can make via a digital camera. All shaky and blurry LOL. We used Nisa's camera as shot trials with smartphones were to no avail. Amateurs allllll the way. Haha.

The best product of my humble Samsung smartphone.

At time like this, I wish I have a DSLR and know how to use it right to get the most beautiful shot. Like this 
Mind the crosses, focus on the sky.

I actually have seen a scene like this before, seeing sea of stars WITH MY NAKED EYES and spare me, the view is far far far more a-freaking-mazing than this screenshot. Wallahi. I was in a car at The Burren back then, it was pitch black and we even stopped the car just to stargaze for a moment. I really felt like crying that time because it was too beautiful. I couldn't stop praising God for giving me such great great experience. Subhanallah.

Ever since then, stargazing has became my favorite. Only then I knew that The Burren is one of the darkest area in Ireland so it is a famous place for stargazing and people go there every year for stargazing festivals and stuff.

Stargazing has always always always been in my wishlist. A proper stargazing. Lying on the ground, cuddling if possible (muehehe). Falling asleep while counting stars. Allah, it will be blissful.Someday, insyaAllah. :)

Sunday, 9 March 2014


March 8 2014, morning. You know, one thing that is good about Twitter is it tells you what actually is happening in your "tweeps neighborhood". So when suddenly I received a notification saying everybody I know on twitter is talking about one same particular matter, I knew at once, something bad, worse, a tragic incident is happening. The same case occurred masa I dapat berita pasal arwah hari tu. Sebab tiba-tiba semua orang RT tweet Safwan (kalau tak silap) bagitau pasal berita pemergian arwah Azem. That's why, yesterday morning I was somehow, traumatized.

Turned out, a Malaysian Airlines' flight MH370 was reported missing, tak dapat dikesan, langsung. And what breaks my heart is the pictures of family members who're patiently waiting for the news, you know deep down inside they're chanting prayers non stop. It is tough enough to hold back tears, because you know once you're bursting out, you could never stop crying. And what is more heartbreaking rather than seeing a mother crying, a daughter crying, a brother crying, a husband crying, waiting for their loved ones, hoping for their loved ones to be back home, safe and soundly?

I think the hardest part is "not knowing" ; ditinggalkan dalam tanda tanya. Apa yang terjadi? Hidupkah? Matikah? Di daratkah? Di lautkah? Makan kah? Cukup minum kah? Kesejukan kah?

A few days ago I went to a talk from Brother Nouman Ali Khan in Manchester. Satu point yang terkesan dalam hati ialah "Anything, everything, is possible with Allah's will. Against all odds, everything could happen." This kind of incident could be happening to any flight, any airlines, anybody, any time. It could be happening to somebody's father today. It also can be happening to yours any time. Wallahu'alam. Indeed He is the most powerful. Indeed He knows what we don't know. Indeed we can always plan but He is always always always the best planner.

Suddenly it hits me, what if it happens to me? What if something bad happens to me before I have the chance to tell my loved ones how much I love them, how much they meant the world to me? I always know that I didn't say "I LOVE YOU" enough to anybody, be it my family members, or my special friends. I always say to myself "Taknak lah cakap, malu." or "They'll know eventhough I don't say it, I showed enough sign." or "I'll just say it tomorrow. They surely can wait.". Yes. SURELY. As if I am sure that there will be tomorrow, or I'm still alive tomorrow. It hits me. I don't cherish people. I don't cherish the moment. I, Hanis Hafizah, take things for granted. It hits me. Hard. Astaghfirullah!

Enough with the rant. Let's just pray for the crews and passengers' safety for now. InsyaAllah tembakan doa diberikan oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia walau di mana kami berada. Majlis-majlis solat hajat di seluruh negara. Everybody is now uniting, tak kira bangsa, agama, negara, atau fahaman politik.

To everybody on the aircraft, we're here patiently waiting for you guys. Where ever you are, please be safe, have your jacket on, don't stay in cold, please do eat, you have to keep energized, please keep have faith, and don't lose hope. We here will keep praying insyaAllah and hoping for a miracle, because anything could happen against all odds. Please, come back and give your loved ones a warm hug.

And to those who are desperately trying to be popular, making countless of shameless speculations and fake news, making bad jokes and being insensitive regarding this matter, SHAME ON YOU.

live streaming Astro Awani here

Back on my flight from Dublin to Germany during winter break

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Zauj Dari Poland?

Che Ti : Haha, hang nak menikah dak?
Haha   : Hahh? Awat random sangat tanya soalan ni?
Che Ti : Hang ada calon dak lagi?
Haha    : Hang ni la Che Ti, bagilah aku lepaih grad dulu. Gheja dulu.

Dua jam kemudian....

Che Ti : Hang ingat lagi dak soalan aku tadi?
Haha    : Hat mana satu?
Che Ti : Hang tau dak, tadi tiba-tiba ada kawan aku bagi message kat FB tanya "kawan hang ada yang tengah cari zauj dak?" Aku rasa untuk hang ok ni. Boleh kot ni Haha.
Haha   : Errkkkk? *tak terkata*
Che Ti : Orang Poland. Polish. Muslim. Nak dak? Best ni. Mat saleh kot.
Haha    : Ambik kat hang la.
Che Ti : Tak mau la. Sat lagi mengamuk pak aku kalau aku nak menikah orang Poland.
Haha    : Abih tu hang ingat pak aku tak mengamuk?
Che Ti : Haha, hang nak zauj?
Haha    : Ya Allah Che Tiiiiiiiiii. Aku tak mau menikah lagi laaaaaaaa.

Dan Che Ti pun ketawa terbahak-bahak. Pastu bukak cerita koteow tomyam.

Aku tak paham la kenapa Che Ti ni suka suruh aku kahwin cepat-cepat. Tiap kali jumpa mesti suruh aku kahwin. Lawak la Che Ti ni. Masalahnya aku rasa macam baru semalam aku habis SPM so mana boleh nak ber-zauj-zauj lagi. Haha.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Baling Ke Belakang Sikit

Tengok pose pun dah tau ni gambar zaman Friendster. Hahahh. 2006. Tingkatan 2 SMKS18 Shah Alam. Tahun paling berjaya sebab masuk kawad kaki sampai peringkat negeri, perform masa Hari Pahlawan kat SUK dengan polis veteran, so on so forth. 

Rindu geng kawad kaki. Rindu practice hari2 berbulan-bulan tak kira siang malam, budak asrama semuanya so memang makan tidur pun berkawad lol. Hidup Ustazah Khadijah! (tetibe) 

 Punya lah passionate dengan kawad kaki sampai join Kadet Polis lepas pindah Intesaber semata-mata nak masuk kawad ;D. Tapi ni satu-satunya gambar pakai baju kawad Puteri Islam yang ada dalam simpanan sbb masa tu pakai handphone nokia baling anjing takde camera. Ni snap dengan Eton bawah khemah Hari Koko pakai handphone nokia sabun Hanisah Inani. Bestie selfie teehee.

How time flies. I miss high school! Bittersweet. :')

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Cuaca Hatimu (ecchewahhh)

Side effect : May cause nausea.

Semalam lenaku diulit salju
Malamku kaku menahan beku
Fajar ini ku harung pula angin menderu
Hampir ku tersungkur menahan derasnya bayu
Muncul lalu hujan air batu penuh gempita
Perit di tubuh ku tahan jua
Sang suria muncul tidak semena
Lalu ku bertanya; "Pelangiku mana?"

Roller coaster cuaca di bumi bertuah ini
Seperti perasaanku
Yang dibaja sayangmu
Seperti hatimu
Yang sering berlagu rindu
Bukan sekali kau jeritkan batinmu itu
Sudah terlalu selalu! Tapi...

Kau seperti mentari di sini
Persis malu-malu namun masih sudi
Hadirnya sekejap-sekejap cuma
Tapi lekat di jiwa
Kalau mampu biarku peluk mentari itu
Biar dia rasa sayangku

"Pelangiku mana?"
Hujan, panas, dan hujan lagi
Aku rindu Pelangiku!

Gadismu ♥,
Hanis H Ismail,
Galway 20140201

Sajak tak jadi ni mihihihi >.<

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Resepi Cheesy Baked Fish Pasta

now playing Inteam ft Munif Ahmad - Nur Kasih

Wahhh lagu. Nasyid sikit, kasi bersih sikit hati asyik dengar lagu lagha je hehe.

Disebabkan mengantuk dan tak nak tidur lepas Asar maka aku (pakai Aku kali ni ye) decide nak update resepi dish yang baru masak tadi. Sambil blog sambil minum hot green tea; konon-konon nak counter balik rasa bersalah makan makanan berlemak tadi so minum green tea sikit kasi detox gittew. 

Asal-asalnya nak buat 'Penne Chicken' iaitu makanan paling famous di restoran halal paling famous dalam kalangan Malaysian di Galway iaitu The High Cafe. Amboi banyaknya iaitu dia. 'Penne Chicken' ni basically pasta with cream sauce, dalam tu ada chicken breast and spinach, atas tabur grated cheese then bakar. Aku tak pernah order pun menu ni tapi raaaaaamai sangat suka. Aku rasa sikit, sedap lah jugak tapi creamy sangat cheq tak gemar sangat creamy-creamy ni. Hmmm aku ni bagi asam pedas je diamlah. Hari tu Salihah ada masak 'Penne Chicken' dekat Highfield, nampak macam senang je so apa kata kita try, detik hatiku.

Penne Chicken gambar ihsan Google

Kebetulan ada beli fresh cream hari tu, stok penne pun banyak dekat rumah ni. Oh bagi yang tak tahu, penne adalah sejenis pasta. Nak tengok rupa dipersilakan Google terima kasih. Boleh je nak guna pasta apa-apa sebenarnya. Macaroni, spiral, suka hati. Jangan guna spaghetti atau angel hair pulak, pelik bebenor rupanya tapi kalau nak buat pun mak jemah tak marah. :) Jangan confuse spaghetti dengan pasta tau. Spaghetti adalah pasta tapi pasta tak semestinya spaghetti. Faham ke? Faham-faham je lah. Takkan nak buat lecture pasal pasta pulak heheh.

Alamak chicken breast tak ada pulak. Tengok ada sea bass fish fillet dalam freezer. Kita bantai sahajork. Daripada 'Penne Chicken' jadi 'Baked Fish Pasta' pula. Sama aje, konsep dia ialah gantikan dada ayam dengan filet ikan siakap (itu sahaja ikan yang murah sikit dekat Galway ni, beli yang frozen je pun).

Jadi tanpa membuang masa, 
sukatan untuk 10 orang (saiz perut perempuan) makan :

500 g pasta
500 ml fresh cream
200 ml fresh milk
4 keping fish fillets
1 biji Bawang besar
4 ulas Bawang putih
*Beberapa batang celery sticks
*1 batang carrot besar
*Button mushrooms
*Cili api
Ground black pepper
Grated cheese

1. Rebus pasta, ikut instruction dekat packaging tu. Kalau aku biasanya masak air sampai mendidih, masukkan garam dalam sesudu kecik, masukkan pasta, lepas tu masukkan butter dalam sesudu besar. Tunggu la dalam 10-12 minit, kacau-kacau sikit kadang-kadang takut dia melekat dekat periuk. Agak-agak dah masak tu, angkat dan tos.

2. Disebabkan aku suka multitasking, sementara nak tunggu pasta tu masak, lumur fish fillet dengan garam dan sedikit ground black pepper, bakar dalam suhu 180 darjah Celcius sampai agak-agak masak. Aku punya makan 20 minit la jugak. Takpe dia duduk diam-diam je dalam oven tu, so kita boleh buat benda lain. Jangan sampai terlupa pulak, nanti dapat ikan berperisa arang. Kalau nak goreng ikan pun boleh juga, suka hati lah.

3. Sementara tu boleh multitasking lagi. Kita buat sos krim dia pulak. Guna periuk yang besar sikit, nanti senang kita nak campur pasta dia dalam tu. Takpe nanti mak jemah cerita. Dalam periuk cairkan dua sudu buter, then tumis bawang besar dan bawang putih yang telah dicincang. 

4. Bila dah layu bawangnya, masukkan dua sudu besar tepung gandum. Ini optional. Aku tak tau apa rasional dia tapi orang lain buat macam tu so kita ikut sahajork. Kalau tak letak tepung pun okay je rasanya. Kacau kacau kacau sampai tepung tu masak, jaga-jaga sikit nanti dia lekat kat periuk dan hangit, disaster. 

5. Masukkan pula fresh cream. Dia memang berketul mula-mula tapi kacau je buat relax je nanti dia okay insyaAllah. Kemudian masukkan fresh milk, kasi dia cair sikit, tak adalah masa makan tu rasa berlemak sangat macam nak kena sakit jantung hehe.

6. Masukkan sayur-sayur (yang bertanda *). Sebenarnya sayur apa-apa pun boleh. Apa-apa yang ada dalam peti ais tu campak sahaja. Brokoli, bayam, boleh. Kailan ke bak choy ke tak sure pulak, macam pelik je. Cili api tu optional, tapi disebabkan hidupku tak bermakna tanpamu di sisiku duhai cili api maka aku letaklah bagi kick sikit. Lidah Melayu kata ko. :D

7. Perasakan dengan garam dan ground black pepper. Kacau-kacau lah kuah tu sampai masak.

8. Last sekali, masukkan segenggam grated cheese, atau cheese yang orang tabur atas pizza tu. Bukan philadelphia, itu orang buat cheese cake. -.- Grated cheese ni bagi effect pasta kau bertali-tali gittew. Ahhh rindu Pizza Hut! Kacau-kacau lagi agak-agak cheese tu dah larut, matikan api (kalau dapur kau dapur gas lah, mat saleh punya dapur electric u'olls).

9. At this stage boleh masukkan pasta yang dah direbus tadi. Alamak tak muat periuk? Periuk kecik sangat? Jangan risau beb. Benda boleh setel. Campur je pasta dan kuah tadi dalam mana-manalah bekas yang muat. Hehe. Kacau-kacau sehingga sebati dan setiap individu pasta diselaputi sos. Gittew. Ingat lagi tak ikan panggang tadi? Potong ikan dalam bite size, gaulkan sekali dengan pasta dan sos. Aku cadangkan masuk ikan last sekali sebab ikan ni mudah hancur. Tuang semua 'adunan' ke dalam loyang atau baking dish, tabur balance grated cheese tadi. Letaklah banyak mana pun, waima nak buat gunung cheese pun dipersilakan. Takde hal bro.

10. Bakar dalam oven suhu 180 darjah Celcius, lebih kurang 5-10 minit, atau sampai cheese atas tu cair dan garing. Boleh lah diangkat dan dihidang, jangan lupa telan air liur. Mehehe.

Senang aje kan? Yang tak reti masak pun insyaAllah boleh masak dengan jayanya. Resepi ni aku bantai-bantai, campak-campak, agak-agak je. Modify sini sikit sana sikit. Kita guna je apa yang ada kat rumah. Aku memang pakar bab ganti-ganti barang ni. Kalau takde butter boleh ganti dengan vegetable oil. Kalau taknak ikan, nak guna chicken breast tadi, masukkan chuncks of chicken breast (tak bakar dulu pun tak apa) lepas step 5. Kalau nak tau, aku buat carbonara pun macam ni jugak caranya, sebijik. Makanan mat saleh ni ulang-ulang benda yang sama je sebenarnya hehe.

Maaflah rupa tak semenggah mana. Dah habis separuh housemates makan baru sempat tangkap gambar. Kesian anak-anakku kelaparan semuanya. Hehe.

Selamat mencuba. Kalau dah cuba bagi tahu cheq. Nak bagi rasa pun dialu-alukan. Hewhew. Adios!

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Ich Liebe Dich

There. I've said it. *sembunyi dalam duvet taknak keluar dah* :P ♥♥♥

Haha. People around me knows how I NEVER SAID those three words to ANYBODY.

Like when
My girls : I love you Hanishafizahhahatomatoblast
Me : iDly, which means "I don't love you"
My girls : I know it actually means "I DO love you". Hahaaa
They know I actually love them to bits!

Or when
My girls : I love you so much it hurts!
Me : You know I don't love you.
My girls : I know you love me too much you won't admit cause it hurts you too!
They know me so well. :')

Would you rather have somebody says they love you but never shows or somebody shows they love you but never says so?

A sad truth, I am the latter. I SHOW how much I love people, but I've never say it with words. God knows how the people around mean WORLD to me. I guess it is the same case as when I'm upset with my friends/loves, I cried instead of telling them I'm mad at them. And, I'm soooo not good with words. I don't (just) say, I show.

I'm a 'hugs' kind of person. ^.^

Deeply, I know. This doesn't make anything better pon. "Maybe you can start learning to say you love them. It is good for them to know that you love them as much as they love you." Aima's words hit me. I guess she's right.

To love someone, is a gift.

Please don't take this bad way but I want to say my love to people when I really mean it. Not because I think I need to say it for the sake of courtesy. You know what I mean? But to come and think of it, I actually DO love them. So what is the problem, Hanis Hafizah? I'm just to shy to admit. Yes. I indeed need to learn to be expressive with words. I've felt so much love. I think it's time for me to give them mine. :)

Once I said it to my sis
Me : I love you Alin
Alin : Haha. Kak Long dah kenapa? I can smell something fishy.
Me : ....
Alin : Haha. I love you too Kak Long btw.

Errr, I guess it was good, for a start? Heee.

I rarely say I LOVE YOU even to my family but God knows how I cannot live without them.

Tell me, am I ........ selfish? :(

p/s: If this is a pregnancy I would say "The 'first trimester' passed, unknowingly." Thank You.
       much love, Hanis Hafizah ♥

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cry Baby

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First of all, I think this post is one of the rubbish thoughts I've had in mind but I'm gonna write anyway. You can back off now but if you intend to stay and keep reading, it's your choice. I have no objection with either of that.

Growing up, I was NEVER a cry baby. I didn't recall any cryings I've made during my childhood. Oh, there's this one I remembered clearly. I was five and at my Tadika Perpaduan during that time. Pakai pinafore and stuffs. I really don't know why, but the boys, they LOVE teasing me and making me chase them around the class, I mean LITERALLY chasing and running, not that fangirl-kinda chasing alright you got my point. They pinched my cheeks until they turned bright red, stealing my oh so cool rulers and erasers and many more. I was so angry until one day I exploded when there was this one boy whom I believe the boys' leader pinched my cheeks and my arms after school. I was so angry I walked home crying! And to make things interesting, I had to pass by his house to get to my house and his parents were standing at the front door while I was passing. They were so furious seeing me crying and asked, "Pija, kenapa menangis ni?". I was sobbing like hella non stop I only managed to say "Anak Acik!!" and I ran home. Hahahaha.

But since that incident, I promised myself not to cry to boys ever again. I built myself to be super strong. And it actually worked! Don't mess with a five year old girl, man! And yeah, I never cried whenever I had fight with anybody anymore since then, throughout my whole eleven years in school.

When I was seven, the class monitor PUNCHED me in the face, out of blue. I was like "Woi apehal?". It was a good thing to laugh at, and definitely the main topic whenever he and I chatted, up until now. Sampai sekarang we both don't know why he punched me back then. But yeah, I didn't cry.

I only cry a few years after that; during the UPSR year. You know, when teachers do the pejam-mata-bayangkan-muka-mak-ayah-awak kinda things masa musim dekat-dekat exam yada yada. And I also cried when my bestfriends didn't get 5A's. Talking about friendship, huh? ;)

Masuk asrama pun tak nangis. Homesick? Pffft. Apa tu? I don't do homesick. Tak macho la weh. Those were pretty much my thought during high school. Kena marah kena ragging teruk dengan seniors pun tak nangis langsung. Though I was scolded for not crying, buat muka strong dan tabah (or they claimed muka kerek lol). 

Nangis sikit je on my last day in school, because I was moving to Intesaber masa Four Four, and I was crying because the whole block came down to sent me off, and all of them were crying and it would be weird if I'm the only one who's not crying lol joking joking I cried because I was touched of course. :') Love you guys Aspuri 18!!

Weh panjangnya mukadimah.

I think the first eighteen years of my existence I didn't do so much crying. But it all changed once I move to Penang to enter medical school. Then was when my soft side started to develop. I cried missing home. I cried missing my school girlfriends. I cried when study was hard. I cried when I know I haven't prepared enough for the exam. I cried seeing little kids crying. I cried watching movies. I cried watching sad dramas on telly. I cried when I'm angry because I can't yell to people I'm mad at because things would be worse so I kept silent it hurts so much I burst into tears.

Yes, reaching the age of twenty, I started to keep things bottled up. Because I know I can hurt people with my words when I'm angry. So I ended up crying, alone. The thing with me is, I don't like crying in front of other people. Because I look super ugly crying. Yup, childish reason but that's me. 

So I will sit in an empty room in fetal position and I will call my trusted ones; my crying shoulders. Over the phones, I can let it all out. But that's it. After that I will put a happy face in front of other people. Like nothing has happened. 

Another alternative if I ever need to cry is I always disguised it with a sad movie. I can cry for like EVERY SINGLE SAD SCENES IN EVERY MOVIES that freaking exist. There are a few movies that you can use up as an excuse for crying (like me heheh) such as Armageddon, The Time Traveller's Wife, Lovely Bones, Sam, Miracle in the Cell Number 7, Titanic (yeah hopeless romantic but I just need to list it down anyway), Charlie St Cloud, et cetera.

Tapi satu benda yang paling tak tahan is when I called Ayah mengadu penat study takut exam and stuffs, Ayah cool je kata "Kak Long kan kuat. Kak Long kan anak jantan Ayah." Dua ayat je. Terus bercucuran air mataku. Menangis lah lepas tu sejam tak berhenti. Memang anak Ayah betul ni. (Pstt, rindu Ayah huhu.)

But sometimes I just cannot hold myself. I needed to cry out my heart, I can instantly burst into tears when somebody asked "Are you okay?" and just hug me tight even before I answered them. Happened once during Kem Biro Tatanegara while I was waiting for my interview result to come out I was so freaking out; Salihah hugged me and I just cried non stop in her arms for a good twenty minutes. The facis were worried they thought my boyfriend was breaking up with me. I was like "Whattt. I was freaking about my college placement and you thought I only think about my boyfriend? Seriously?" Haha.

And once again lately I couldn't hold my tears, ternangis depan Ikang, dekat Quadrangle, in public. Punyalah cover muka tak nak bagi orang nampak. Ikang pun tak boleh nampak. "Jangan tengok, mascara smudge habis satu muka buruk gila" that was what I said. And Ikang made the smoothest move, she handed me a tissue and I cried even more. Such a cry baby, Hanis Hafizah.

Writing this post, I think I can conclude that medical school really made me tear up, like, A LOT. Since 2010. Tak pernah tak nangis dalam satu semester. And I can cry for weeks sebab kecewa dengan study performance. Now reaching 22, I cry really easily. My heart becomes softer (compared dengan zaman sekolah dulu, keras sangat). I am more ladylike now. I'm becoming more sensitive, with myself and with people around. I don't know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. I'm actually blaming aging hehe. You know that moment of silence, right after bagi salam lepas solat? I can cry abruptly at those times. Especially during hardships. Masa tu lah rasa hanya pertolongan Allah je yang boleh bagi tolong survive.

Indeed. Allah sahaja sebaik-baik tempat mengadu, tempat bergantung harap, dan pemberi pertolongan.

I actually need a good sweet escape like Connemara

P/s: Truth is, your girl cried again tonight. And she needs you.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Di Hamparan Shamrock Kuseru Nama-Mu

Bacaan kini (direct translation of current reading?). Been longing to read a Bahasa Melayu book for a long time now. Rindu Malaysia sebenarnya. At least bila baca buku bahasa rasalah macam dekat Malaysia sekejap.

Salah sendiri jugak. Ingatkan cili kering dan serunding paling penting, sampai lebih limit check in luggage 30 kilogram. Padahal buku pun penting jugak. Sempat seludup satu je novel Ramlee Awang Murshid masuk handbag.

Pinjam buku ni daripada Ikang. Dah lama nak baca tapi tak berkesempatan. Rugilah bila boleh visualkan apa yang Ustaz Hasrizal cerita pasal Galway dalam buku ni, tapi tak nak grab peluang tu. (Ketuk kepala sendiri).

Fenomena normal di Galway; hujan. Lawak yang semakin hambar ialah
"It rains only twice a week in Galway. One lasts for three days and the second one lasts for four days."

Oh pointnya kat sini nak cakap sedapnya boleh lepak-lepak 'planking' atas katil hujan-hujan macam ni, baca buku sambil minum teh panas. Alhamdulillah hari ni pun tak ada class. Jadi marilah kita menggunakan nikmat ini dengan sebaiknya. :)
Salam Maulidurrasul.

P/s: Kalau ada pintu suka hati boleh lah pergi kedai buku favorite Popular Bookstore dekat Ikano. Eh kalau ada pintu suka hati senanglah boleh balik Mesia bila-bila masa. Sobs.

Monday, 13 January 2014

OLJ Part 1 : Dublin - Munich - Salzburg

OLJ (Our Little Jaulah) is actually a series of travel note I jotted down in my little pink travel book during our winter trip to Austria and Germany, transferred into blog posts form.

Day 1  (Actually rambled on 18 December 2013)
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What can i say? It was quite a day today. Now it is exactly 08:45pm and everybody already drifted into the dreamland. Except for me. Oh actually I had a (power) nap before so that I can stay awake to plan the Salzburg trip for these few days coming.

My so called trip planning on the bed *wink*. Each bed has personal lamp, it comes very handy in a shared room so you don't have to kacau orang lain tido with a bright room light.

 Oh, silly me. Aneh Apijah, introduction mana? Tak bagi salam terus masuk rumah orang tumpang toilet. *metafora tetibe*
As the title suggests, this is our little jaulah. (bagi nama jaulah la, islamic sikit ecchehh).

As early as it an gets, our day starts at 01:15am when we took a cab to the New Galway Coach Station, hopped onto a shuttle bus to the Dublin International Airport, meet up with Afiqah from Cork, checked in, bumped into the Galway boys (Hazel boys and the gang) who turned out having a same flight with us four (Nisa, Nadiah, Afiqah, and I) to Munich, Germany; yada yada, early spicy pasta breakfast yada yada off we got onto the plane. It was around 07:15am when the flight took off. So we pretty much didn't really sleep that night (or morning?).

I think I did a pretty well job on packing my cabin (and only) luggage. Kali ni dah tak payah minta tolong Ayah via Skype dah. Imma grown up now! :P

Pengalaman solat Subuh and watching sunrise afterwards. Subhanallah. :')

Good morning Munich. Alhamdulillah selalu dapat seat tepi tingkap. Boleh berangan lari-lari atas Negara Awan selalu. Doraemon sangat. ;)

And of course, adventure usually starts as soon as possible. Eewah, adventure ke? But seriously, macam-macam dugaan datang. Nasib baik kami chillax aje hehe. I will tell more by the end of this entry okayss lovelies? =)

We arrived a Munich Airport around twenty to eleven then immediately bought Germay Railway Passes which cost us each 196 Euros and the pass can be used "unlimited-ly" for six days in one month. Valid in all over Germany and neighboring countries, as for our case, Salzburg, Austria.....which marks our first vacation-adventure location ehehs.

Waiting for our Munich-Salzburg train and I'm holding my phone (gotta appreciate the free airport wifi while it is still available!).

Loving our coach. Very Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-Express-like.
By 04:30pm dan dan masuk Maghrib we safely arrived at the hostel and checked in, then we prepared to solat, bersihkan diri and all, terus terbongkang semua. Haha. Penat semuanya. Makan pun tak proper, we relied on bananas and breads and chocolates to alas perut, and oh, spicy pasta untuk early breakfast tadi pun ada lagi, survive sampai the next day nampak gayanya insyaAllah. :)

A few highlights of the day:
1) There were two boys in the flight, the pissed everybody off, like literally every person in the plane, from the stewards to the other passengers. It was a total discomfort-ness throughout the journey; they were so loud, like they were high or drunk or something, even little children behaved better. *sigh*

Those boys were too noisy we couldn't sleep we posed for the camera instead. Heheh.

2) Our first experience on the regional train was kinda shitty. Haha. Nobody spoke English to top it off; so we ended up confused and depressed, as all the announcements were not in English, we don't know whether it was our station next or whatsoever and we cannot ask people around. There were a few kind people however, who tried their best to use their minimum knowledge in the language, which did help us a lot, but there were also quite a number of people who doesn't even try to help - it was annoying.

Despite the hardship, we were blessed with a wonderful view Alhamdulillah. My very first time seeing snowy alps! (They should clean the window I guess.)

3) In Salzburg (or as they pronounced it "Zalzburgg" qolqolah sikit Q tu) nobody speaks English except the ones in the information center. The people were really nice though, despite the language barrier, which is something good, kan? :)

Those are actually cables for trams in Salzburg. Kinda cool, huh? :)

4) Dankee (I'm not sure with the spellings but it means "Thanks") 
Ausgang = Exit
Eingang = Entrance
Basic local store shopping knowledge hehe.

5) The nice receptionist boy named Christopher (which apparently is also the barista) accidentally gave us a key to an all boys room. We went into the room (we booked a shared female dorm in a hostel) trusting it was ours, providing it has four empty-untouched beds in the room (and there was no one inside). Our first thought was "The room smells like guys". And we found a few 'evidences' that we ummmmmm pretty sure belong to a man, and oooopps, we better wait outside. Our 'actual' room was actually two doors away. Wrong key, wrong room number. Haha! What an experience. -.-'

Zotter Trinkschokolade. If you've seen my video on Instagram, these are the choice of chocolate bar flavors available for my hot chocolate. Christopher was being very nice to patiently translate 'em all to us.

6) Afiqah woke me up from a nap, just to hear me calling her "Uswah". Hahaha. Yup. You better not seeing me when I'm mamai. Budak paling teruk mamai, yang inilah, Hanis Hafizah yang inilah. Hahaha.

7) Nisa slept after Isya' and woke up after a few hours; asked about the time. It was 08.30pm. And she asked again, "Kita nak keluar pukul berapa?". Everybody has blurred face on. Then Nisa came to her sense, "Jap, 08:30 pagi ke malam ni?!" Hahaha. Yup, 08:30 in the morning is still dark back in Galway.

8) There are LOADS of choice of mineral water in store and for such a cheap price, but of course, nobody cares to help this not so little tourist understanding what written on the bottle so I ended up buying sparkling mineral water. The only good news is, it costs only 22 cents! Woohoo! Yup you read me right. ;)

Our tired faces. Waiting for our last transport of the day to the hostel. Cool gila ada bench tempat sandar beg ni, at least you don't have to stand hurting your shoulder carrying your bag after a looooong day! Genius siapa cipta benda ni.

That's it for now. What a day right? Hahaha. Should go to sleep now. A long and great day (hopefully) awaits tomorrow. Wassalam. 

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