Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Starry Night

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I love stargazing.
Saya suka tengok bintang.

Alhamdulillah malam ni langit cantik sangat subhanallah! With an almost full moon, bintang berterabur, like literally sprinkling, and ombre-colored sky. Words can't describe how beautiful it was, neither a powerful camera lens. Eventually I made all my five housemates out to see the sky and  I made they glad that they came out to our backyard, they really did. ;)

The pictures don't do justice to the real view, seriously. These are they best shot we can make via a digital camera. All shaky and blurry LOL. We used Nisa's camera as shot trials with smartphones were to no avail. Amateurs allllll the way. Haha.

The best product of my humble Samsung smartphone.

At time like this, I wish I have a DSLR and know how to use it right to get the most beautiful shot. Like this 
Mind the crosses, focus on the sky.

I actually have seen a scene like this before, seeing sea of stars WITH MY NAKED EYES and spare me, the view is far far far more a-freaking-mazing than this screenshot. Wallahi. I was in a car at The Burren back then, it was pitch black and we even stopped the car just to stargaze for a moment. I really felt like crying that time because it was too beautiful. I couldn't stop praising God for giving me such great great experience. Subhanallah.

Ever since then, stargazing has became my favorite. Only then I knew that The Burren is one of the darkest area in Ireland so it is a famous place for stargazing and people go there every year for stargazing festivals and stuff.

Stargazing has always always always been in my wishlist. A proper stargazing. Lying on the ground, cuddling if possible (muehehe). Falling asleep while counting stars. Allah, it will be blissful.Someday, insyaAllah. :)

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