Sunday, 9 March 2014


March 8 2014, morning. You know, one thing that is good about Twitter is it tells you what actually is happening in your "tweeps neighborhood". So when suddenly I received a notification saying everybody I know on twitter is talking about one same particular matter, I knew at once, something bad, worse, a tragic incident is happening. The same case occurred masa I dapat berita pasal arwah hari tu. Sebab tiba-tiba semua orang RT tweet Safwan (kalau tak silap) bagitau pasal berita pemergian arwah Azem. That's why, yesterday morning I was somehow, traumatized.

Turned out, a Malaysian Airlines' flight MH370 was reported missing, tak dapat dikesan, langsung. And what breaks my heart is the pictures of family members who're patiently waiting for the news, you know deep down inside they're chanting prayers non stop. It is tough enough to hold back tears, because you know once you're bursting out, you could never stop crying. And what is more heartbreaking rather than seeing a mother crying, a daughter crying, a brother crying, a husband crying, waiting for their loved ones, hoping for their loved ones to be back home, safe and soundly?

I think the hardest part is "not knowing" ; ditinggalkan dalam tanda tanya. Apa yang terjadi? Hidupkah? Matikah? Di daratkah? Di lautkah? Makan kah? Cukup minum kah? Kesejukan kah?

A few days ago I went to a talk from Brother Nouman Ali Khan in Manchester. Satu point yang terkesan dalam hati ialah "Anything, everything, is possible with Allah's will. Against all odds, everything could happen." This kind of incident could be happening to any flight, any airlines, anybody, any time. It could be happening to somebody's father today. It also can be happening to yours any time. Wallahu'alam. Indeed He is the most powerful. Indeed He knows what we don't know. Indeed we can always plan but He is always always always the best planner.

Suddenly it hits me, what if it happens to me? What if something bad happens to me before I have the chance to tell my loved ones how much I love them, how much they meant the world to me? I always know that I didn't say "I LOVE YOU" enough to anybody, be it my family members, or my special friends. I always say to myself "Taknak lah cakap, malu." or "They'll know eventhough I don't say it, I showed enough sign." or "I'll just say it tomorrow. They surely can wait.". Yes. SURELY. As if I am sure that there will be tomorrow, or I'm still alive tomorrow. It hits me. I don't cherish people. I don't cherish the moment. I, Hanis Hafizah, take things for granted. It hits me. Hard. Astaghfirullah!

Enough with the rant. Let's just pray for the crews and passengers' safety for now. InsyaAllah tembakan doa diberikan oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia walau di mana kami berada. Majlis-majlis solat hajat di seluruh negara. Everybody is now uniting, tak kira bangsa, agama, negara, atau fahaman politik.

To everybody on the aircraft, we're here patiently waiting for you guys. Where ever you are, please be safe, have your jacket on, don't stay in cold, please do eat, you have to keep energized, please keep have faith, and don't lose hope. We here will keep praying insyaAllah and hoping for a miracle, because anything could happen against all odds. Please, come back and give your loved ones a warm hug.

And to those who are desperately trying to be popular, making countless of shameless speculations and fake news, making bad jokes and being insensitive regarding this matter, SHAME ON YOU.

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Back on my flight from Dublin to Germany during winter break

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