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Cry Baby

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First of all, I think this post is one of the rubbish thoughts I've had in mind but I'm gonna write anyway. You can back off now but if you intend to stay and keep reading, it's your choice. I have no objection with either of that.

Growing up, I was NEVER a cry baby. I didn't recall any cryings I've made during my childhood. Oh, there's this one I remembered clearly. I was five and at my Tadika Perpaduan during that time. Pakai pinafore and stuffs. I really don't know why, but the boys, they LOVE teasing me and making me chase them around the class, I mean LITERALLY chasing and running, not that fangirl-kinda chasing alright you got my point. They pinched my cheeks until they turned bright red, stealing my oh so cool rulers and erasers and many more. I was so angry until one day I exploded when there was this one boy whom I believe the boys' leader pinched my cheeks and my arms after school. I was so angry I walked home crying! And to make things interesting, I had to pass by his house to get to my house and his parents were standing at the front door while I was passing. They were so furious seeing me crying and asked, "Pija, kenapa menangis ni?". I was sobbing like hella non stop I only managed to say "Anak Acik!!" and I ran home. Hahahaha.

But since that incident, I promised myself not to cry to boys ever again. I built myself to be super strong. And it actually worked! Don't mess with a five year old girl, man! And yeah, I never cried whenever I had fight with anybody anymore since then, throughout my whole eleven years in school.

When I was seven, the class monitor PUNCHED me in the face, out of blue. I was like "Woi apehal?". It was a good thing to laugh at, and definitely the main topic whenever he and I chatted, up until now. Sampai sekarang we both don't know why he punched me back then. But yeah, I didn't cry.

I only cry a few years after that; during the UPSR year. You know, when teachers do the pejam-mata-bayangkan-muka-mak-ayah-awak kinda things masa musim dekat-dekat exam yada yada. And I also cried when my bestfriends didn't get 5A's. Talking about friendship, huh? ;)

Masuk asrama pun tak nangis. Homesick? Pffft. Apa tu? I don't do homesick. Tak macho la weh. Those were pretty much my thought during high school. Kena marah kena ragging teruk dengan seniors pun tak nangis langsung. Though I was scolded for not crying, buat muka strong dan tabah (or they claimed muka kerek lol). 

Nangis sikit je on my last day in school, because I was moving to Intesaber masa Four Four, and I was crying because the whole block came down to sent me off, and all of them were crying and it would be weird if I'm the only one who's not crying lol joking joking I cried because I was touched of course. :') Love you guys Aspuri 18!!

Weh panjangnya mukadimah.

I think the first eighteen years of my existence I didn't do so much crying. But it all changed once I move to Penang to enter medical school. Then was when my soft side started to develop. I cried missing home. I cried missing my school girlfriends. I cried when study was hard. I cried when I know I haven't prepared enough for the exam. I cried seeing little kids crying. I cried watching movies. I cried watching sad dramas on telly. I cried when I'm angry because I can't yell to people I'm mad at because things would be worse so I kept silent it hurts so much I burst into tears.

Yes, reaching the age of twenty, I started to keep things bottled up. Because I know I can hurt people with my words when I'm angry. So I ended up crying, alone. The thing with me is, I don't like crying in front of other people. Because I look super ugly crying. Yup, childish reason but that's me. 

So I will sit in an empty room in fetal position and I will call my trusted ones; my crying shoulders. Over the phones, I can let it all out. But that's it. After that I will put a happy face in front of other people. Like nothing has happened. 

Another alternative if I ever need to cry is I always disguised it with a sad movie. I can cry for like EVERY SINGLE SAD SCENES IN EVERY MOVIES that freaking exist. There are a few movies that you can use up as an excuse for crying (like me heheh) such as Armageddon, The Time Traveller's Wife, Lovely Bones, Sam, Miracle in the Cell Number 7, Titanic (yeah hopeless romantic but I just need to list it down anyway), Charlie St Cloud, et cetera.

Tapi satu benda yang paling tak tahan is when I called Ayah mengadu penat study takut exam and stuffs, Ayah cool je kata "Kak Long kan kuat. Kak Long kan anak jantan Ayah." Dua ayat je. Terus bercucuran air mataku. Menangis lah lepas tu sejam tak berhenti. Memang anak Ayah betul ni. (Pstt, rindu Ayah huhu.)

But sometimes I just cannot hold myself. I needed to cry out my heart, I can instantly burst into tears when somebody asked "Are you okay?" and just hug me tight even before I answered them. Happened once during Kem Biro Tatanegara while I was waiting for my interview result to come out I was so freaking out; Salihah hugged me and I just cried non stop in her arms for a good twenty minutes. The facis were worried they thought my boyfriend was breaking up with me. I was like "Whattt. I was freaking about my college placement and you thought I only think about my boyfriend? Seriously?" Haha.

And once again lately I couldn't hold my tears, ternangis depan Ikang, dekat Quadrangle, in public. Punyalah cover muka tak nak bagi orang nampak. Ikang pun tak boleh nampak. "Jangan tengok, mascara smudge habis satu muka buruk gila" that was what I said. And Ikang made the smoothest move, she handed me a tissue and I cried even more. Such a cry baby, Hanis Hafizah.

Writing this post, I think I can conclude that medical school really made me tear up, like, A LOT. Since 2010. Tak pernah tak nangis dalam satu semester. And I can cry for weeks sebab kecewa dengan study performance. Now reaching 22, I cry really easily. My heart becomes softer (compared dengan zaman sekolah dulu, keras sangat). I am more ladylike now. I'm becoming more sensitive, with myself and with people around. I don't know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. I'm actually blaming aging hehe. You know that moment of silence, right after bagi salam lepas solat? I can cry abruptly at those times. Especially during hardships. Masa tu lah rasa hanya pertolongan Allah je yang boleh bagi tolong survive.

Indeed. Allah sahaja sebaik-baik tempat mengadu, tempat bergantung harap, dan pemberi pertolongan.

I actually need a good sweet escape like Connemara

P/s: Truth is, your girl cried again tonight. And she needs you.

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