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OLJ Part 1 : Dublin - Munich - Salzburg

OLJ (Our Little Jaulah) is actually a series of travel note I jotted down in my little pink travel book during our winter trip to Austria and Germany, transferred into blog posts form.

Day 1  (Actually rambled on 18 December 2013)
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What can i say? It was quite a day today. Now it is exactly 08:45pm and everybody already drifted into the dreamland. Except for me. Oh actually I had a (power) nap before so that I can stay awake to plan the Salzburg trip for these few days coming.

My so called trip planning on the bed *wink*. Each bed has personal lamp, it comes very handy in a shared room so you don't have to kacau orang lain tido with a bright room light.

 Oh, silly me. Aneh Apijah, introduction mana? Tak bagi salam terus masuk rumah orang tumpang toilet. *metafora tetibe*
As the title suggests, this is our little jaulah. (bagi nama jaulah la, islamic sikit ecchehh).

As early as it an gets, our day starts at 01:15am when we took a cab to the New Galway Coach Station, hopped onto a shuttle bus to the Dublin International Airport, meet up with Afiqah from Cork, checked in, bumped into the Galway boys (Hazel boys and the gang) who turned out having a same flight with us four (Nisa, Nadiah, Afiqah, and I) to Munich, Germany; yada yada, early spicy pasta breakfast yada yada off we got onto the plane. It was around 07:15am when the flight took off. So we pretty much didn't really sleep that night (or morning?).

I think I did a pretty well job on packing my cabin (and only) luggage. Kali ni dah tak payah minta tolong Ayah via Skype dah. Imma grown up now! :P

Pengalaman solat Subuh and watching sunrise afterwards. Subhanallah. :')

Good morning Munich. Alhamdulillah selalu dapat seat tepi tingkap. Boleh berangan lari-lari atas Negara Awan selalu. Doraemon sangat. ;)

And of course, adventure usually starts as soon as possible. Eewah, adventure ke? But seriously, macam-macam dugaan datang. Nasib baik kami chillax aje hehe. I will tell more by the end of this entry okayss lovelies? =)

We arrived a Munich Airport around twenty to eleven then immediately bought Germay Railway Passes which cost us each 196 Euros and the pass can be used "unlimited-ly" for six days in one month. Valid in all over Germany and neighboring countries, as for our case, Salzburg, Austria.....which marks our first vacation-adventure location ehehs.

Waiting for our Munich-Salzburg train and I'm holding my phone (gotta appreciate the free airport wifi while it is still available!).

Loving our coach. Very Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-Express-like.
By 04:30pm dan dan masuk Maghrib we safely arrived at the hostel and checked in, then we prepared to solat, bersihkan diri and all, terus terbongkang semua. Haha. Penat semuanya. Makan pun tak proper, we relied on bananas and breads and chocolates to alas perut, and oh, spicy pasta untuk early breakfast tadi pun ada lagi, survive sampai the next day nampak gayanya insyaAllah. :)

A few highlights of the day:
1) There were two boys in the flight, the pissed everybody off, like literally every person in the plane, from the stewards to the other passengers. It was a total discomfort-ness throughout the journey; they were so loud, like they were high or drunk or something, even little children behaved better. *sigh*

Those boys were too noisy we couldn't sleep we posed for the camera instead. Heheh.

2) Our first experience on the regional train was kinda shitty. Haha. Nobody spoke English to top it off; so we ended up confused and depressed, as all the announcements were not in English, we don't know whether it was our station next or whatsoever and we cannot ask people around. There were a few kind people however, who tried their best to use their minimum knowledge in the language, which did help us a lot, but there were also quite a number of people who doesn't even try to help - it was annoying.

Despite the hardship, we were blessed with a wonderful view Alhamdulillah. My very first time seeing snowy alps! (They should clean the window I guess.)

3) In Salzburg (or as they pronounced it "Zalzburgg" qolqolah sikit Q tu) nobody speaks English except the ones in the information center. The people were really nice though, despite the language barrier, which is something good, kan? :)

Those are actually cables for trams in Salzburg. Kinda cool, huh? :)

4) Dankee (I'm not sure with the spellings but it means "Thanks") 
Ausgang = Exit
Eingang = Entrance
Basic local store shopping knowledge hehe.

5) The nice receptionist boy named Christopher (which apparently is also the barista) accidentally gave us a key to an all boys room. We went into the room (we booked a shared female dorm in a hostel) trusting it was ours, providing it has four empty-untouched beds in the room (and there was no one inside). Our first thought was "The room smells like guys". And we found a few 'evidences' that we ummmmmm pretty sure belong to a man, and oooopps, we better wait outside. Our 'actual' room was actually two doors away. Wrong key, wrong room number. Haha! What an experience. -.-'

Zotter Trinkschokolade. If you've seen my video on Instagram, these are the choice of chocolate bar flavors available for my hot chocolate. Christopher was being very nice to patiently translate 'em all to us.

6) Afiqah woke me up from a nap, just to hear me calling her "Uswah". Hahaha. Yup. You better not seeing me when I'm mamai. Budak paling teruk mamai, yang inilah, Hanis Hafizah yang inilah. Hahaha.

7) Nisa slept after Isya' and woke up after a few hours; asked about the time. It was 08.30pm. And she asked again, "Kita nak keluar pukul berapa?". Everybody has blurred face on. Then Nisa came to her sense, "Jap, 08:30 pagi ke malam ni?!" Hahaha. Yup, 08:30 in the morning is still dark back in Galway.

8) There are LOADS of choice of mineral water in store and for such a cheap price, but of course, nobody cares to help this not so little tourist understanding what written on the bottle so I ended up buying sparkling mineral water. The only good news is, it costs only 22 cents! Woohoo! Yup you read me right. ;)

Our tired faces. Waiting for our last transport of the day to the hostel. Cool gila ada bench tempat sandar beg ni, at least you don't have to stand hurting your shoulder carrying your bag after a looooong day! Genius siapa cipta benda ni.

That's it for now. What a day right? Hahaha. Should go to sleep now. A long and great day (hopefully) awaits tomorrow. Wassalam. 

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