Monday, 30 December 2013

Lovely Turkish Ladies

We are currently in Berlin city. There is a lot of Muslims in Berlin and most of them are Turkish. Later this evening we walked from Siegessäule (Victory Column) to the famous Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate). The road is closed for vehicles as they are preparing the street for New Year's Eve celebration, and many stalls were put up; mostly selling food, candies, games and whatnot.
We then saw a food stall with four ladies in hijab cooking inside. We  were so excited to see a halal food stall and we really wanted to try the food sold which seem like a German-Turkish food I don't really recall the name (it was quite long and tricky teehee).

They were two old ladies and two young ladies inside. The elders were cooking and the yongsters were more to entertain and serve the customers. Only one of them can speak a little English; the young and most beautiful one. So she was the one who explained us what their food basically are.
Suddenly the elders speak something to that young beautiful English speaker sister, something we could not understand (obviously) and they were pointing at me. And I was just being me, being all blurred and confused. Hahaa.

Her: Where are you from?
Us: Malaysia. Errr, Malizi (Malaysia in Arabic).
Them: MasyaAllah MasyaAllah. Eyes eyes.
Her: They said your eyes are so beautiful. So nice. MasyaAllah.
Me: Ohh. Urmm. Ohh. Err thank you. *insert awkwardness here*
Us: These are just contact lenses.
Me: These are basically not my real eyes. Hehe.
Her: Contact lenses? Really?

The elders didn't believe me. They even come closer to look directly into my eyes. Hahahaha. I had to held my eyes wide open for a few seconds until they take my words. Still, they went "MasyaAllah MasyaAllah".

They were like so amazed and amused with my 'eyes' which I have grey contacts on at this moment. And inside I was taking to myself,
"Aiyoo Auntie aiyoo Kakak, you are so much much much more beautiful than me lah. Your eyes your eyebrows your nose your tudung your face your make up your everything. DON'T YOU REALIZE YOU ARE FAR MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN ME?"
No joke. These lovely Turkish ladies are far prettier than me. Even the elders, they look beautiful. I hope these Turkish and Arab ladies aware that they were blessed with beautiful figures. :)

Ps: Something we noticed about these Turkish people, they use "MasyaAllah" very regularly. Like they ask one question, you answer, and they went all "MasyaAllah" with your reply. Which I think is something good. It somehow alarms me that I need to zikir and remember Allah more often. :)

My attempt to wear a scarf "Turkish style" *wink*

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