Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Most Embarrassing Scene of The Day

First of all, wait. Inhale. Exhale.
Malu lagi ni bila fikir balik.


Here comes the story.

So I went to Mr Price earlier today, looking for some boxes for packing my stuff to move out of the house. There was this one really nice and helpful worker named Greg whom I asked for the boxes from. He told me that they didnt have any empty box yet during that time and asked me to come again later that evening. 

So I did. I hopped into the Dunaras-NUIG bus which will drop me at the shop at 6.10 pm. The bus will make a route back (NUIG-Dunaras) and will pass the exact spot I hopped off at 6.20 pm. So I pretty much had only ten minutes to settle down the boxes thingy with Greg.

Bla bla bla. Boxes story settled. 
So I walked out of Mr Price in a rush, fearing the fact that I will miss the bus. And exactly, that was what pretty much happening. Or supposed to. But if I was destined to miss the bus this evening, I did 'change my destiny' and of course, like you seen in movies, when you change your destiny, something is needed for the pay-off. Teehee.

And this was what happened for the pay-off.
The bus stopped at the bus stand but I was too far away to catch it. So I ran. Yup. Typical Hanis Hafizah Haha, running for the bus. Forever and always. But I didnt make it. It speeds off. 

Apparently, the fate is my bestfriend. The bus stopped for the traffic light so I continued running with the crazy wind, my tudung terbang-terbang until at some point the wind blew my tudung all over my face I couldnt see at all 
and phewww! I made it into the bus.

Oh did I tell you I ran with huge boxes in my hands? Yup with all those boxes in the picture above. Yup. Imagine that. A fat chick running with huge boxes. How. Hilarious. =.='

As I hoped into the bus all panting and confusing, I was kinda blur on where to put my boxes, then another nice guy of the day came, carry all my boxes to the backseats of the bus. It was Eamonn, my classmate. He was in the bus of course, with Janisha le girlfriend and of course, they saw everything happened, every show I did. And for sure, everybody else in the bus saw what I did back then. Yup everybody except the bus driver, if he had seen me (running towards him) he should've wait for me. *cry*

So then after thanking Eamonn, I sat at the back with him and Janisha. And my boxes, of course. If you are a glasses person you know what will happen to your cold glasses once you body becomes hot (from all the running). Condensation will occur. And Eamonn, being the brotherly-annoying boy he has always been, said (with laugh of course), "Hey Haha, you have clouds on your glasses" which I replied "Yes I'm aware of it, a normal thing from all the running."

Eamonn: "Yup we saw that. Somebody said "Haha is running for the bus" and we shouted for the driver to stop the bus. And then we saw your hijab went crazy and covering your face and you were seen running without a face..hahahahahahahahaha"
Me: "Just, shut up." *embarrassing*

And he continued laughing. Until we reached Dunaras.

Being all gentleman (I dont think he did that just in front of Janisha, you know, trying hard on showing how macho you are in front of your girlfriend or something like that, teehee) Eamonn offered to carry my huge boxes down the bus.

And me, 
urmmmm I think I had not recovered from the running yet, nearly falling flat on the bus floor as I missed the bus step. I screamed a little and Janisha went like "Oh my, Haha are you alright". I knew them both were holding their laugh at my silliness, and in fact, I was holding back my laugh as well. Hahaha.

I hope all my friends in the bus at that time had a really good time laughing at me, which I dont mind at all. :) If I was happened to see me like that, I would have laughing really hard on myself too. 

It was too funny. Seeing a baby elephant running with huge boxes and the wind blows so hard the elephant's ears were flapping to its face. Now as I come to think of it, it was hilarious! Hahahaha. XD

This should be a really good thing to laugh at when I get older and wiser. LOL.

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