Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New Friend

Aizat came to Galway yesterday. Yup, Aizat my best friend. Finally sampai jugak ke Galway. Tapi datang mengejut. All this while geram betul dengan Aizat sebab he visited other FAR AND EXPENSIVE places like Turkey and Amsterdam tapi Galway yang tiga jam from Cork ni, tak sudi nak datang pun. Haha.

Dah la datang sekejap je. Pastu bagi short notice. Padahal orang dah cakap banyak kali before this, kalau nak datang bagitau awal2 boleh prepare nak masak ke apa ke. Heeeee semalam dah kena bebel dah dia. Haha. Kesian.

Kena lah jumpa walaupun sekejap!! Dah la tetamu, my besto pulak tu. *Eventho he wasnt coming here for me peduli apa hahaha* Perlu jumpa untuk catch up stories and blablabla.

Yada yada yada yada.

Eventually Aizat datang dengan Aisya Amira (Bit) and his friend (whom I didnt know before) Ridhwah. Okay to be honest, I was quite embarrassing to keep writing what I'm gonna write after this. But for the sake of keeping the memories *ecewahh* I'll go on. *wink*

Ridhwah. I remember this one time I asked Ami (Syaza Nur Amirah) "How's Aizat?" -they are both classmates in Cork- "Oh, Aizat dah ada best friend baru sekarang, ____________(insert name here, I forgot the name Ami mentioned)". And I was like, "Oh, yeke." *Buat muka biasa*

Tapi dalam hati, I dont know why, ada rasa sedih sikit. I taught "Aizat ada kawan baru sekarang, he'll tell her everything, and he'll do everything with her, and he'll slowly forget me and our friendship." *sila baca dalam nada pasrah*

I think I was being childish. Just pure childish. That kind of childish yang masa sekolah rendah dulu ada BFF pastu tiba2 BFF kita rapat dengan orang lain pergi kantin sama-sama and kita tak nak kawan dengan orang lain tu sebab orang lain tu rampas BFF kita. That kind of childish thing, that kind of childish feeling. Hahaha. Today I am laughing at my own very twenty year old (during that time I asked Ami) self. Pfft.

And yesterday when Aizat told me he's coming with Bit and Ridhwah (whom I didnt know before) I was thinking, "Ohh maybe she's the one yang Ami cakap tu, there I told you, they are going everywhere together now". See? I was being childish again! Haha.

Aizat: Diorang teringin nak makan Mr Waffle esok, jom?
Me: Kau teringin tak? Kalau diorang teringin, diorang pergilah.

Part of me was hoping that Aizat didnt want to go to Mr Waffle so I dont have to meet his new friend Ridhwah and we can go chilling anywhere else. Takdir Allah, in the end kena jumpa face to face dengan Ridhwah jugak. At Mr Waffle.

What can I say, she is not as what I expected. *I have this kind of attitude I am so sorry. I even feel sorry for myself. T___T* The moment my eyes laid on her, everything changed. "Hai. I'm Iwa." *dia lambai sambil senyum*

She's cute. And the most important thing is, she is very very very very nice. No wonder Aizat boleh mingle dengan Iwa. She's very warm. And humble, and baik sangat. We were getting very well towards each other.

Alright, I think I get along with people very well, eventho I just know them. I mean I can and I will try my best to fit in so that there will be no awkward moment. But the case is different with Iwa. At first I thought I will never get along with her (sekolah-rendah-BFF-kena-rampas remember? hahaha) but eventually it turned out very very very differently. 180 degree. First time jumpa boleh terus get along, betul-betul ikhlas dari hati takde main2 fake feeling ke apa.

Ya Allah, rasa berdosa sangat. Sebab ada that kind of feeling. I was being unfair to Aizat, and more important to the innocent Iwa.

Iwa, if you are reading this, Haha mintak maaf sangat. And truly, you are really a very nice person. I feel so blessed to know you today, eventho kita boleh jumpa and sembang sekejap je. Sorry for the things I've done, and for the things I said, or for the thoughts I had. I really hope to see you again next time. Please dont be mad at me, if you are reading this. I am truly sorry and i am sincerely want to be your friend. :) Do come here again, I will cook something for you insyaAllah.

So yeah, I said it. I wrote it. And I'm gonna post it. Now you see the other side of me. Yup I am being perfectly imperfect. Dont judge. Okay, judge if you want. I dont even care. The thing is, I am being honest with myself. I made a mistake and I am not afraid to admit it. I'm not afraiddd *tune in Eminem okay apehal tibe2*

Aizat tak makan sayur. Iwa pun tak makan sayur. I hereby approve if you two want to have something "more than friend" hikhikhik. Just do remember to tell me and, jaga batas, boleh pandang-pandang jangan pegang-pegang lol. If you really want it, do it the right way. :)


Bit, Iwa, and me. At NUI Galway main building, The Quadrangle. (I'm getting chubbier yes I am aware of that. Dont blame me, its study and exam week I am so depressed I cant stop munching, lol)

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