Thursday, 23 February 2012

an unexpected visit

#np The Boys by Girls Generation

Speaking of Girls Generation, it turns out that our lecturer, Dato Dr Chan 'discovered' that Korean pop group and we can tell that he definitely like GG!! (now what? Shakira Waka-Waka is not his favorite singer anymore? haha)

During lunch hour yesterday, we were told that some professors from Ireland are coming to our class in the evening to pay a little visit. (Earlier in the morning, we had a little talk session with two lovely ladies from Ireland Medical Council, IMC.) Later in the evening, Dato Dr Chan came earlier to the class to prepare as he had to do a bit presentation on what our "bridging program" is about. While waiting for our guest, Dato Dr Chan play some music videos of GG's songs. And whilst we're enjoying the cute dance and nice music and whatnot, somebody knock the door and a handsome Irish man appear, in a loud background music awkwardness. We were caught in action! In the end, the Irish man joined us and he was in awe to see a great performance of Girls Generation. Haha.

To be honest, I was (I bet we all were!) quite embarrassed but despite of that, the Irish man seems more comfortable to ease himself in a new foreign environment. Yet, I think this was the warmest welcome I've ever encounter to someone I've never met before. 

The Irish man is Professor Antony Wheatley, Professor and Head of Physiology Department in National University of Ireland, Galway. He is a very nice guy. He is so cool, so friendly, hilarious, and we really had fun talking to him. 

Unfortunately, the meeting lasted less than half an hour because they Irish professors had to go back to Ireland that very evening. As what had taught by Dato Dr Chan about "soft skills", we walked Prof Wheatley down and in the lobby we met the other professors, and there, we chatted again. I bet we Irish and Malaysian are both talkative friendly. Hihi. :)

see the happy faces?

they are so tall, no? I'm jealous. haha

A stranger is a friend that you don't know (yet).    -Dato Dr Chan-

The one most important thing to be taken care of for you to study medicine in Ireland is not (only) medical knowledge, but make sure that you can speak well and understand what are people saying to you.     - Professor Antony Wheatley-

p/s: Prof Wheatley even showed us from his MacBook some pictures of his students which are our Pre-Medic's friends who are already there. Seeing their happy faces, I just can't wait to join them there. :)


Icey 'Aisha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Assalam. Haaa. Prof Wheatley ajar Physiology kt sni. He has been skipping the lectures just to go there and see you guys. Haha. Joking2. :P

nurfarahashikin said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

prof wheatley ade tunjuk gambar kite tak? LOL.

p/s : dy ajar kitorang physio. :D

HanisHafizah Haha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

yeah,,he did mentioned that he's gonna be in your class next tuesday..kitorg siap kirim salam lagi..haha..gambar Fara takde, tp gambar Aisha ada.. :D