Friday, 10 February 2012

When You Get RM 200 For Free What Should You Feel?

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well, HAPPY lah of course!! :D
As we all knew, the government has been very very very kind and generous to 'sponsor' us students in third level education with RM 200 book voucher that can be redeemed in every bookstore in Malaysia. It is called Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia.

so this is how I spent my last RM 50 voucher yesterday

Truthfully, yesterday I spent more than two hours in the bookstore just to choose and think very carefully so that I will end up spending the last RM 50 very wisely. But in the end, I still felt dissatisfied. Nak lagi voucher tu boleh takk?? Hehehe

I remember back in 2003, when I was in Standard 5, Ayah promised to buy me a new bike if I performed well in the final year exam. And Alhamdulillah, I scored really well at that time. On our way to the kedai jual basikal, I changed my mind thus asked my father, " Ayah, boleh tak kalau Kak Long nak tukar hadiah? Ayah tak payah belikan Kak Long basikal, Kak Long jalan kaki je pergi sekolah. Tapi Ayah tukar basikal tu dengan RM 200 cash, Kak Long nak shopping buku kat Popular. "

At that moment, I really hoped that my father will grant my wish. I can even imagine a rack full of "buku siri penyiasatan" which I love to read during primary school years. HAHAHA. But UNfortunately, Ayah insisted to buy the bike, and you know what? The bike can still be used even until today!! (but I have to pump the tire first. haha)

But still, in the end, my wish to get a RM 200 voucher so that I can shop all books that I want was finally granted...after nine years. HAHAHA.

Ohh before I forget, thank you very much MALAYSIA. :) You can always give me book vouchers again and again, anytime, anywhere. Hehehe. 

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