Tuesday, 15 October 2013

To Every Things, There Is A Season.

That's what said on the rock, written in Gaelic.

That makes me thinking; will I ever feel the same thing I am feeling right now? Will everything that happens at this moment last, be it good or bad, happy or sad?

I am sitting here on the bench at the University Memorial Garden (in memory of all staff and students who have died), it's always a good place to be with my own self and think.

Apart from Allah, I am the only one who knows best about myself. What I've said, acted, appeared, wrote, posted, tweeted, were things that I chose to show you. What I showed you might be very superficial to what actually happened, and it might be a lie. Maybe I lied to you about everything. And maybe I lied to myself as well!

Whatever dude. That's life. It.....happens. 

To every things, there is a season.

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