Wednesday, 27 March 2013

One lovely evening.

One lovely evening. I mean the weather. So I sat at my study desk. As you can see, my study desk is 'attached' to one massive window which I loved so much as I can see whats happening outside. So I sat at my study desk, reading. Just then I heard one loud happy tune coming from the apartment across the road. So I looked up. Yes, the ice cream van. Apparently, I was not the only one who heard that tune. Two girls in hot pink leggings (how barbie-like-girlish) were so happy for that tune (I can tell from the way they ran). Unfortunately the happiness only lasted for two seconds as the driver just drove away, maybe he didnt see the two girls running towards the van he was in. And the girls were so shocked they missed the ice cream van, they stood there blankly for five minutes. And I was at my study desk, watching with mixed feelings. Cuteness, funny, and pity all at the same time.

Then I looked down again, seeing my reading on renal anatomy has not move a bit, I feel pity and sad for myself. Blame the window for being one big fat distraction?

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