Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bazaar Buku Penang :)

because i met my dearieeesssssssss today!!!

i went to Bazaar Buku Pulau Pinang at Dewan Millenium, located just in front of my college in Kepala Batas

previously, i was kinda upset because there's no sign of 2011 KLIBF (Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair) which usually held in PWTC Kuala Lumpur
going to KLIBF has been my annual activity since i was seven !!
and truth to be told, i'd never fail to go to this great book fair every year!! :)

bunch GRACIAS to AIMA for taking me to the Bazaar Buku
frankly, before i get in the hall, I was thinking "alahh mesti pesta buku cikai2 je ni"
but once i got was like woaahhhh

it was just like the book fair in PWTC but in the mini size
i was sooooooo happy that i can't stop smiling!! :DDD

due to errrrr... financial problem issues,
i didn't spend as much as i spent in previous years
usually it costs me hundreds when i went to KLIBF but today i managed to spend only RM 50 (as promised to Mak,,wuwuwu)
but still..I AM HAPPY!!!!!
this not only made up my day, but my week!!!! (i wish,,,hehe)

what i love most about KLIBF (or even mini KLIBF-Penang) is not only the books and the low prices, also, KLIBF is the only place that i can buy cute and exclusive souvenirs which are rarely be found anywhere..(you can refer to the pictures)

so basicly, this Bazaar Buku started yesterday and lasts until 10/4 if i'm not mistaken..
and the good news is, 2011 Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair will be held like last years in PWTC on 22/4/11 to 01/05/11 !!!
i cant wait..i cant wait.!! :DDD

so check out what i bought today...
new books to be added to my collection!!! :)

i love Ana Muslim merchandises!!! cute overload!!

they said the latest design can be found in PWTC only :(

i'm soooo in love with BOOKSSSS!!!!
you can ask people around me, who lives with me if you want..
Ayah and Mak have to wait for at least two hours everytime i go to Popular Bookstore in IKANO Power Centre...
Nana once said, she can see my eyes "bersinar-sinar" once i enter any bookstore...
and i often have stop myself from ENTERING bookstore whenever i have money crisis because i can't stop myself from buying books !!! for me there is NO WINDOW SHOPING in bookstore  :)

i will never say no to a boy who 'uses' books to propose me (but..ehem..still, there are other things to be considerated laaa) heheh
so my boy (which i still dont know who, yet) if you can't handle me and my obsession towards books, you can back off..
you dont have to buy me Guess watch or Gucci handbag to show that you love me..just buy me books truly from your heart and I will love you even more everytime i read them...easy right?? 
(but i will still accept Guess watch AND Gucci handbags AND books.. :P )
money can't buy me happiness, but books are!  :)))