Wednesday, 6 April 2011


i'm sorry for acting so childish
i'm sorry if i'd ever make your life miserable
i'm sorry for 'blocking' your happiness in daily life from showing up or even being felt
i'm sorry for not responding to your words like i always did

truth to be told
i feel uneasy too
i feel miserable just the same way you felt
that's what i hate most when i am mad at somebody
that's why i got angry at people very hardly

i want to rant with you like before
i want to laugh at your jokes
i want to enjoy your teases again
but i was stuck at the fact that you made me angry
and if i don't do it this way, then you will never realize

we need talks and confessions
i will explain everything so that you will never feel lost again
we will have the conversation
we're going to make things clear for each other
i hope and i promise

i want things to go back to normal
yes, you're such a great buddy, one of a kind
and our friendship is too valuable

so please excuse my immature acts
i know you can-it's proven

i haven't smile at you for five days
i feel old already,,eheh

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