Sunday, 28 November 2010

kids & baby photo contest

heyya there..
for the very first time...
i wanna join a contest!!!
yuuu huuu~

as shown in the title above..
the contest is about kids and babies...
how i lovvvvveeee them!!!

very innocent....cute and pure..
in a simpler form..
they're such an adorable creature!!!

back to our main purpose here...
and this is the banner~

the contest is organized by MISS LOVELY NUR SAFIYYAH!!
p/s: she's great,,be her follower
(hahahh promote sikit)

to know more about this contest
pls kindly click her name above

hey hey hey
come and join the contest!!!!
its easy
u just need to post a picture of any kid or baby
it can be u, ur sibling, ur baby
or whatsoever

the contest end at 15 December 2010
(or earlier..just be alert)

the most interesting part
is of course the PRIZE!!!!!!!!!
its a white gold earing from lazo diamond jewellery!!
wooot woooot!!
emas putih tuuuu~

n for those who dislike jewellery,,
dun worry be happy
cause there's another prize for you,,
a hate hero t-shirt!!!
(but i prefer the white gold,,hahahh :P)

so my picture for this lovely dovely contest is :
this is me myself..
back to 1994..i guess.
i'm kinda cute rite??
(hahaha perasan giler)

i decided to tag:
and lastly zai

well,,thats it
wish me luck people!!!
till then,,wassalam  :)


Mizz Teen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

terharu :)

hanishafizah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

ape bende yg ko nak terharu tah..haha..pelik ko ni..hahaha