Saturday, 14 January 2012

bunch of lovelies

#nowplaying Ketika Cinta by Opick

woke up in the morning
dapat phone message all the way from someone in GALWAY wishing me good luck for the IELTS test today
logged in twitter (as i deactivated my facebook account) pun ada good luck wishes jugak

awhhhh terharunya
but then baru teringat
I dont have IELTS test today (am not trying to boast here)
in fact i dont have to take the test pun ( i mean the re-sit test)

my IELTS result yang biasa-biasa je

the best band is 9
and we need to achieve minimumly 7 for overall band and 6.5 for each component
hanishafizah nak band 9?? memang tak lah kan. haha
frankly speaking, i was quite shocked with the result
i mean, tak sangka kot boleh lepas :)

rupanya inilah hikmah dapat english lecturer yang super garang
yes when i said garang, it means seriously garang
i was afraid of him in the class
but significantly my fear made my english better, especially my spoken english

once i got the result, i gave him a call
and alhamdulillah i could sense his happy voice

Mr Banoo, thank you very much! :)

#nowplaying Thinking of You bu Katy Perry

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