Thursday, 19 January 2012

Our So-Called "Riadah" =)

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So last Wednesday I spent a lovely evening at AUCMS's hostel in Taman Sri Serdang, Kepala Batas
I was thinking to sleepover at my classmates' house
Just then after 'Asar we decided to do some 'riadah'
Or in other words; "jalan-jalan merayap petang-petang" hehe
Fatimah and Hidayah acted faster and cleverer by borrowing Aiman and Aizat's bikes
So Nisa and I ended up kejar diorang from afar
hahaha =.=''

I have nothing much to say
Just enjoy the photos =)

Guess what we found in the drain...

A little closer..

We brought them kittens!!! :D

The orange baby, and the tompok-tompok one..

And here's another one, the black baby :)

We even gave them names!! :D

Dayah and Merlin

Hanisah (Nisa) and Hanisah (errrrrkk..??)

Tim and Leper (why Leper?? just wait..;] )

Leper is a "shy-shy cat" baby kitten :P

Yeahh finally we caught your LEPER (flat) face !!

Leper was avoiding the paparazzi. This is my first time holding a kitten.
(please ignore my weird face expression. haha)

Aloh aloh alohhh..Come to mama :D

 Perhaps Dayah was hoping that she's kissing a cat prince?? haha just kidding Dayah! :P

Truth to be told, we were both afraid of each other. HAHAHA

Hanisah was in a ready mode for the first jump.

And she landed safely. :D

Look how naughty she was!! Just like Nisa. 
(You think why did the kitten was named Hanisah after all? Hahaha)

Make way for the next American Top Kittenmodel.

Or maybe not.

Next we 'mingled' with another kind of nature *wink wink*

Yeahhh yummy 'victims'..


Let's go back home happily and watch Gemersik Kalbu at TV3 ! :D
(what a rhythm!! haha)

#nowplaying Ketika Cinta by Siti Nurhaliza

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