Saturday, 28 January 2012

I'm not that friendly.

When knowing / meeting someone new, yes I can make myself friendly.
Yeahhh, like smiling brightly and start the conversation.
that someone new is a girl. :)

And when it comes to meeting someone new WITH OPPOSITE GENDER,
I will become someone that you would like to address as "sombong" or "kerek" or "perasan cun" or "jual mahal konon".
Whatever. I don't care.
This is just me, I'm just not comfortable with someone I barely knew especially when that someone is a "he".
I will never start to talk with him, and I would simply avoid the eye contact. Haha.

I don't know.
Maybe this is a "fitrah" of a girl, a Muslim girl.
I believe there are numerous girls feel the same just like me out there. :)
Malu dan segan.
Or to make it specific, we don't like to be seen as "desperately cheap" (no offense).

But don't worry.
I make good opposite-gender-friendships. :)
It is just a matter of time. InsyaAllah.
( Do I need to attach testimonials from my guy-friends? No, I don't think so )

One more thing, Mister. If I happened to bump into you anywhere, and you're seeing me avoiding your eyes, do not worry, I'm not having a crush on you. (sedar diri rupa tak seberapa)
And ohhh the blushing thingy??
Again, do not worry.
I blushed really easily, NOT just because you made my heart skips a beat.
Maybe it was due to scorching-ly hot weather, or I just giggled on my friend's jokes. Thank you :)

Anyways, I always believe that it is always nice to make new friends. Regardless the gender, religion, age, or colour. :)

So let us become friends!! :D *mentally shaking hands*

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hanisamalina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

sama lahhh. tapi yang part blushing blushing tu, tak. i'm not that hanis humaira'. lol :p

(first time ni tulis 'lol'. tiba-tiba rasa geli dengan diri sendiri. haha~)