Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ireland Medical School Placement Interview : tips to survive???

the interview is over
smoothly (though nerve-wrecking for sure)
but still thank you Allah for easing it all

so I'm thinking about sharing some infos for you guys who will be facing an interview especially when the interviewers are foreigners
this is based on my experience of being interviewed by Irish people and also from stories told by my friends
so I'm sorry for the imperfections
just wanna share
who knows this might help right??

I'm not saying that you will be surely pass the interview successfully when you're following this tips
neither I'm saying that this are GOOD tips to be followed
and silently I hope that they (the Irish) think that I'm special hence I can be offered to pursue my medical studies there

  • knock the door, come in, and the Irish will greet you in the nicest way that you can imagine. do not forget to smile, they could not harm you (hehe). be as friendly as possible, and do not shock seeing how friendly they are, seriously!
  • you might be asked to introduce yourself, do it confidently but remember to only say something that you're very sure about..they're really experienced in trapping candidates with his/her own words..example, "since you're saying that you studied in a boarding school, so would you care to explain what you like least about staying in hostels,,bla bla bla" . if you can explain it well so it will be no problem.
  • usually before the interview, they will ask you to prepare an essay regarding why do you wanna be a doctor, why Ireland, et cetera..therefore, study and understand your essay really really well..there're possibilities that you will be asked about what you wrote, so it will be awkward if you don't know how to explain your own essay right?? 
  • please make some research and know general issues about the country you're applying to (in this case Ireland)..example question, "so what do you know about Ireland?" . you can say who's the president, where it's located...i think its better for you to not say about their crisis unless you're asked about it
  • praise the Irish and their country, they will be really happy
  • keep abreast to current issues in your own country and maybe some international news, in this case, health issues in Malaysia like the number one killer disease, doctors to patients ratio, etc. in my opinion, if you know some facts like statistics and all, you will be more confident and you can see their impressed look.. :)
  • if you're asked about your favorite subject, make sure you know the subject well before answering. who knows, they might asked you to explain more about the subject.
  • the same situation goes when you're asked about the field you want to specialized in that you are really interesting and passionate by having enough knowledge about that field.
  • other personal questions could be asked, too. like student life in your college, your hobbies, your study skills
  • go through what you have studied before in your lecture, especially Biology, Physics, and Chemistry..this is very important i guess because you cannot lie about these academical facts, they're smart!! they're the pros.

i myself was afraid about speaking with foreigners, i mean, what if they can't understand me?? but don't worry buddies, after a few minutes it'll be fine and you'll fell just like talking to Mr Banoo or Mr Raj (AUCMS only) in your English
i think there's nothing to worry about eye-contact because you'll be mesmerized by their beautiful green, grey, and blue eyes, and you'll be attracted to look at their eyes more often. believe me! :)

they seem nice kan?? they really are! :)
(image by Mr Google)

May Allah make it easy for us all along this pathway...Ameen
i know we wanna fly to Ireland really badly, kan?? :')


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

tq haha :) may allah bless.

hanishafizah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hehe,,no biggie nani~ thanks and all the best okayy?? :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hello, can i ask, do the interviewers ask about issues like euthanasia, abortion etc? thanks(:

HanisHafizah Haha Ismail said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi there. :) It depends. But usually, questions about current issues will always come up. Which country are you applying to? If let say Ireland, abortion is quite an issue here. I think it is good if you read more about medical issues in the country you're applying to. Hope this helps. :)