Thursday, 10 March 2011

love yourself, darling!

after three busy days
i'm currently relaxing myself
just for tonight i guess???
there's bunch of things that i have to catch up
keep abreast (today's new word,,thanks to Mr Banoo) with Anatomy and Physiology's notes
revise Physics and Medical Ethics
improve my English language usage
be prepared for the interview with the Irish men next Tuesday
(goshhh,,extra nervous!!)
click on the image for a healthy growth :P

heyy lets not talk about that
i'm relaxing remember?? hahah

so here i am
appreciating the very precious leisure time of myself
listening to the Hitz Capsule (thanks to Minem,,finally I can enjoy online!!)
applying chocolate masque (Nana,,gracias) which smells sooo good a that I nearly taste it by my
geeeez i look like Hantu Kak Limah (that's what Wana said,,i know she's just jealous,,hahah kidding Wana)

Running Man!!!!
I can't wait to laugh my heart out (ehhh betul ke ayat ni??)
peeps,,,I command you (hahaha suka2 hati je) to watch Running Man
you'll laugh non-stop (which is my favourite part,,nama pun HAHA kan?? lol)
hey doncha know that laugh is a good teraphy,,awet muda lagi tau!!!

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gambar tu memang total creep, HAHAHA