Saturday, 1 January 2011

my last post for twenty ten

there's one more hour
to reach midnight
to reach the new year of 2011
and i guess this is my last post for this year

let's recap and flashback
what happened along the great year of 2010

starting from January
i started the year by registering to Metro Driving Academy
at first i swore to just pass the test
and never drive again
because i'm too scared and dont have confident to myself
its really hard to drive when you have no basic at all
my driving teacher said he wanna puke the first day i drove
the second day i was get scolded
he lost his patience lahh,,ngeh3
after that was the Chinese New Year holiday
so my beloved ayah who had one whole week holiday
willingly taught me driving for free..!!
the whole package tau..!!
including bukit,,parking,,three pointer,,and on the road.!!
thanks ayah!! ILY!!  :)))

the third day i drove in the academy
the teacher was surprise and speechless
and i can't stop grinning that day
*haa,,amek kau,,hari kutuk2 aku kan

and alhamdulillah
i passed the whole test
in February
for the first time
means no repeatation at all!!

just the second day of my "glory"
i started my work as a clerk
in Pusat Tusyen Graduan Muda
somewhere in front my house
so jalan kaki je

well it was a GREAT experience
and i learnt a lot about life too!!

ouhhh how i miss them!!
they're just like my big brother and sisters that i never had before

then the SPM result is announced
and Alhamdulillah
i managed to get straight A's
(even not straight A+ i'm glad enough)

not long after that
i have to go back to school
(my beloved SBPI Sabak Bernam)
for Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan
but too bad
it fall on the same day of my sister's HAK
and there was a problem
its only my ayah who can drive,,well,,expertly
and i'd never drove more than 10 km

but for the sake of my sister
so that there will be somebody who can watch her get the award
i took the risk
to drive 250 km (took about 2 hours and half) to Sabak Bernam
for the very first time of my life
i drove that far
without my ayah as the co-driver

can you imagine that??
my emak and i left the house at 6 in the morning
it was raining very heavily
and for the first hour of the driving
not a single sound heard
both my emak and i was quiet
the radio is turned off too..!!
i'll laugh out loud thinking of my nervousness

and thank god
i'm safe and sound
until today

after a few weeks
i got the offer to MARA interview
what a nerve-wrecking moment
no one ever denied that,,hoho

at the same time,,
i got offers from Kolej MARA Kulim (Sains Hayat)
and  USIM (Tahmidi Perubatan)

of course
that was the moment when i have to make right decision

and at the very same time
i'm waiting nervously for the call from MARA
for my Program Ijazah Luar Negara
and Alhamdulillah again
i got it

one year preparation (pre-Medical) in ACMS Penang
and five years of Medical Degree twinning program
the first half in Ireland
and the other half in Malaysia

its my dream to further my medical study in Ireland
and i dont ever brave to mention Ireland during the interview
instead i said i wanna go to United Kingdom
i guess its my rezeki
thanks Allah!!

so starting from July
i left Selangor
(this is the first time i ever leave Selangor to study)
and went to Penang
to start my after-school education
and i'm so glad that i'm here

i have a bunch of great friends
i learnt how to appreciate people
and how to respect others 
i learnt how to manage myself
especially the way i spent
and the way i control my finance

and finally Syukran Allah
another year will pass
and i'm still breathing and without any difficulties
peace..!! :)

p/s: actually i wanna post some pictures of mine in penang but the line is kinda miserable hahahhh so maybe next time ehhh???  :)))

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