Monday, 24 January 2011

i'll miss you,,, A LOT!!!! :(

today's exam ended about one hour ago
Mathematics II

this is the very last time
i will ever sit for Math test

math is life peeps

starting next sem
the syllabus' are focusing only on medical studies
anatomy,,medical ethnics,,yada yada

i can answer the questions
thanks Allah
thanks Miss Farah
thanks friends for your support

i will miss Mathematics
freaking badly

i don't care how hard the question is
the fact here is

to all my Math and Add Math teachers
thank you very much
for making me falling in love with numbers
for seducing me with unknown and algebra
for mesmerizing me with log and ln and surd
for making me thinking of parabola and ellipse all the time

if you're seeing me doing Sudoku
please be aware that i'm missing Mathematics

one done
four more papers to go!!

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