Sunday, 23 January 2011

the L- word is a big word

when he said,
"i don't think my L stands for 'like', and i know you know what i mean"

i was like
"ya tuhan,,
is this for real??"

if you really mean it
thank you VERY MUCH
i really appreciate it

and for this moment
lemme concentrate on my final exam
wish me luck

Ayah, Mak and Alynn
i know you guys will always be by my side
i'll try my best to make you proud
and happy

dear Allah
i really need your guidance

but really
the L-word is a BIG word

p/s: tonight's event, solat hajat and bacaan yassin at Surau Al-Falah, can't wait to see my lover there..dear Allah, please accept my love??

Allah is enough for me
credit to Fara Shikin